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Unattended Xpcd Setup Script


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Unattended XPCD Setup Script

This Script will help you to set up a basic in of Windows XP Pro.

[What you will need before running the Script]

>Your Windows XP CD-Rom (The One without any changes)

>Windows XP Service Pack One or Two the link is for SP1a

>Windows XP Roll-Up

>All Microsoft Windows XP Pro Hotfixes after the Roll-Up was realsed (Look Here Thanks to AaronXP)

>DirectX9b OPK Version

>Dot Net Framework Version 1.1

>MSN Messenger 6

>Windows Media Player 9 OPK Version

>Your Drivers

[Optional Stuff]

>Registry Tweaks





After you have got all you need Download The Script and follow the Guide on using it below.

Please do Right Click>Save as Target after opening the web Page.

Scripts WinRAR & WinZip

Once you have finshed doing the above run the script they are Pauses in it so yu can get your stuff ready and put in the correct folder for the script to work correctly.

When the script runs it copies your Windows XP CD to the hard Drive (same place as you run the script from) and then creates a directory called xpsetup this is where you need to place your stuff. In the xpsetup directory they are sub-folders here is what each one is for.

xpsetup\$$, this is for Iteams you want coping to the Windows dirctory

xpsetup\System32, this is for files to be copied to the System32 folder

xpsetup\Wallpaper, your wallpapers

xpsetup\Themes, your thems

xpsetup\DX9B, DirectX9b

xpsetup\DOTNET Dont Net Framework V1.1

xpsetup\Fonts, Your fonts

xpsetup\WMP9, Windows Media Player 9

xpsetup\MSN6, MSN Messager 6

xpsetup\drivers, LEAVE THIS EMPTY

xpsetup\drivers\001, First set of drivers

xpsetup\drivers\002, second set of drivers

xpsetup\drivers\003, third set of drivers

xpsetup\drivers\004, forth set of drivers

xpsetup\drivers\005, fifth set of drivers

xpsetup\Hotfixes LEAVE THIS EMPTY

xpsetup\Hotfixes\Type1 Type One Hotfixes

xpsetup\Hotfixes\Type2 Type Two hotfixes

xpsetup\Hotfixes\MDAC MDAC Update Only

All you must do is place the stuff in the correct folder, the rest is done for you.

Things you need to remember is that when making the winnt.sif is that your drivers path is going to be drivers\001\;\drivers\002\ and so on. Also when running the Script make sure you have renamed the Service Pack to SP1 or SP2 and the Roll-Up to SR1 they MUST be placed in the root directory of the xpsetup folder.

I will expect all criticum of this script to make it better in anyway, i will also make custom versions for some people BUT i am not going to do that for everyone as i have a life out side this room of mine.

I will update the script as need and also update this post when need, Any Question please just ask.

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i couldnt download says there is a outside referrer error or sumthing, so i goto main page and error on page so i cant find link to download, i use flashget and set referrer link to your homepage and file downloads but is corrupted i try 3 more times each time your RAR file is corrupt i have not try the ZIP file.

other than these problems i know this will be an invaluable resource for newbies.

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Still can't :)

IE gives the following message:

"Internet Explorer could not download users.htm from win-zone.netfirms.com.

The site was not found. Make sure the address is correct, and try again."

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Well seems i'm dead and can not see what theard i'm posting in.


Great job sir...

will this work for winxp that has sp1 intergrated?

and you made it so easy...very nice work..doing all that, you sure you have time outside that room


Thanks again

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ok i cut a hole in my head....now pour all that ya know in....this board has so many great post ...don't think i have closed this web page down since i first came here.

wish i could rem all you great peoples names that posted info

Great Thanks to you all

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I found a small error in the script:


But here is no condition


In the script….

I did break up the script in several step because I you don’t need to run several step again if for example you add some hotfixes in the original you hade to go true the whole process again.

Here is what I did…


ECHO Unattended Windows XP Setup Script


ECHO This will setup a Windows XP Unattended CD for you all you have to do it follow

ECHO the simple instruction on screen which will be displayed from time to

ECHO time the rest is done by its self.

ECHO DaveXP CMD Unattended Script Copyright © 2002-03

ECHO With thanks to devil270975 for his help with the script.

ECHO 1. Want to extract the original Windows XP CD? Press 1.

ECHO 2. Want to Creating Unattended Install setup directories? 2.

ECHO 3. Want to Extracting Service packs and slipstream them? 3.

ECHO 4. Want to Removing Useless Files From the Update and Creating Need Folder? 4.

ECHO 5. Want to Creating Folders For Unattended Applications and Tweaks? 5.

ECHO 6. Want to Creating WinNT.Sif file? 6.

ECHO 7. Want to Creating CMDLINES.TXT and USER Accounts? 7.

ECHO 8. Want to Creating Programs Setup.reg file? 8.

ECHO 9. Want to Copying Needed Unattended Files? 9.

ECHO 10. Want to Creating ISO file for later and/or burn 2 CD or DVD? 10.

ECHO 0. Quit



it give the option then to jump to the right part.

Ill upload the script later this evening from home so you could perhaps include it in your zips.

Keep up the good work


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I tried to open the URL in my college´s PCs, but even there I get the 110 Connection Timed out error

If I may ask, can you upload the files to somewhere else, such as Yahoo or post the script here and instruct me (or us) to make it executable?

Sorry for being so annoying about this

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