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I have an old game controller that I really like using (Gravis PC GamePad), unfortunately, it has a 15 pin game port connector, and my computer does not have a game port (on board sound). I tried a Belkin game port to USB adapter, but it won't recognize, a buddy gave me a game port riser connector, but for the life of me I can't find a connector for it on my motherboard, I tried looking for a PCI game port card on ebay but they are all on sound cards, and I don't want or need another sound card. Anybody got any suggestions on how I could get this thing to work?

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You may want to consider changing your controller instead. I too used the same controller that you have for years, then I finally made the move to a USB one. And trust me, I'm picky. (Ask Zxian)

The best thing you'll find on the market that will be the easiest for you to adapt to and will feel the best in your hands if you're used to the Gravis Gamepad, is the Logitech RumblePad 2. At the price it sells for at NewEgg, it's hard to resist buying two.

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