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  1. I have an old game controller that I really like using (Gravis PC GamePad), unfortunately, it has a 15 pin game port connector, and my computer does not have a game port (on board sound). I tried a Belkin game port to USB adapter, but it won't recognize, a buddy gave me a game port riser connector, but for the life of me I can't find a connector for it on my motherboard, I tried looking for a PCI game port card on ebay but they are all on sound cards, and I don't want or need another sound card. Anybody got any suggestions on how I could get this thing to work?
  2. Just get Media Player Classic at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ackage_id=84358 ,just make sure you get the mpc98me6490.zip version for Win98. Looks and acts just like Windows media Player 6.4, except it plays EVERYTHING.
  3. FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!! As I read through the post I figured it would be some long ordeal, and I would have to reformat and repartition, etc, But I just found a copy of Maximus Decim's BHDD 3.0, unzipped it, booted into 98, ran install.bat, rebooted...and BAM, there everything was, all my files and folders, over 200GB. Shame about LLXX getting banned, but if you happen to be cruisin' these boards, just wanted to let you know...YOU ARE THE MAN!!!...well, not technically, you may not be A MAN, but you are definately THE MAN!!! Thanks a bunch!
  4. I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I can't seem to find a fix (if there is one). I'm running dual boot 98 & XP, P4 3.0, 1GB, 320GB. C partition is 1GB, with 98SE, D partition is 297 GB with XPPro. Both systems boot and seem to run fine, my problem is, when in 98, and I go to open folders on the D drive, about half of them appear as garbage (strange characters as file and folder names, and weird property sizes, anywhere from 180 GB to 2-3 TB) and when I try to open them, I get a file/folder does not exists message. But when I boot back into XP, everything is there and works fine, (can read, write, and access all files/folders) I'm sure this has something to do with the 137 GB limit in 98, but I was wondering if there was a fix or patch anywhere. Thanks.
  5. I'm running dual boot (98SE & XPPro), P4 3.0, 1GB, 320GB. Hard drive is partitioned to C, (about 1GB) and D (the rest), 98SE on C, XPPro on D. All I really use 98 for is playing old games, and just playing around on. My question is, with so many different update packs, patches and official/unofficial stuff. What do I REALLY need to have a quick and stable system? Win98SE (obviously), DirectX 9.0c (required for my drivers & games), most people say IE6.0SP1, most people say WMP9 or 10 (I don't use it), I use WinAmp & Media Player Classic, do I still need it? What about PCIO98?, What about Outlook Express & updates? What about Flash? and Java? and MDAC? and .NET? and DUN? and WMI? and ASAPI? I'm not trying to start a thread-war about what's good and bad, just what would you guys reccomend. And in what order, I know there is alot of contradiction on this because "this patch has to be on before this update..etc" but a general rule of thumb would be great. Thanks.

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