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default theme with wallpaper

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I crated theme and set it as default, but my wallpaper don't change for all users (VS does change!), but only for administrator.

When i log onto other user and select my theme in list and click aply it change wallpaper to one that i set in the theme.

Is it normal behavior and do i need to set default wallpaper in default user profile in HKCU?

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Rather than set the theme and wallpaper independently, edit the theme's default wallpaper and only set the theme as default.

This will have the same effect, but it will be applied to all newly created users.


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That is how i have it - i have .theme that has wallpaper and i have it in winnt.sif as default theme but wallpaper only load for administator account automatically, other acounts don't have it after login ...

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How do you install the theme?

Integrated with nlite? Scripted during install?

I do..

In winnt.sif:


Then (at the RunOnceEx stage!) i copy my theme from a server location previously mapped to the Z drive..

:: Install themes

XCOPY /E /Y \Z:\1\conf\resources\themes\*.* "%systemdrive%\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\"

Alternatively you can just put these files on the image in $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\ so they they are copied during the initial file copy.

I suggest putting the wallpaper you are using in the $OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper\ folder also!

Then the file structure should be like so:



..\Resources\Themes\System\<rest of files inc any sub-dirs>

and the contents of System.theme would include the lines (will differ between themes):

[Control Panel\Desktop]


Works perfectly for me... hope this helps.

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