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I installed XPize practically just clicking Next not paying attention.

And I don't like what it has done. So I uninstalled it wanting to get my XP back but lots of the changes are still there such as icons and things.

How do I completely remove it?

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You probably need to refresh your icon cache.

I have tried the to rebuild the icon cache using both regseeker and tweakui and rebooted with no success.

Attached is an image showing which icons are still messed up.

Copying files, I have no idea where that is from, whether XPize rewrote a Windows DLL or not I don't know.

The icon for files that don't have an icon have those silly little icons.

The Shutdown menu. The Windows Welcome screen is fine. If this can't be fixed I will just go back to the classic logon.

And the Log Off and Shutdown buttons.

And remember folks always read about what a program does before you install it :unsure:


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