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I would like a program that will enable me do this:

when I highlight any text, it will automatically copy it to a clipboard (a second clipboard, not the windowsxp default)

this second clipboard must independent of the windowsxp clipboard

then, I will be able to paste the text with a custom hotkey, other than ctrl+v

is there a program like this?


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Thanks colore!

I've been intending to do this a long time ago but I completely forgot about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

So without much ado, I present:

6b0dlbd.pngDrag2Copy v1.0

Drag2Copy (D2C) is an additional clipboard for windows with a difference - to copy text, all you need to do is select the text you want to copy (by dragging the mouse). To paste the text, press the Paste key (default: Ctrl+Alt+V). If you accidentally selected some text and thought you lost your previous selection, don't worry - just press the Undo key (default: Ctrl+Alt+Z) and you'll get back your old clipboard!

Download (210 KB)

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