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GoogleEarth on Windows 98!


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Yeah I experience this issue as well, it's quite annoying.

I know it... p.i.t.a

fwiw & fyi

I had noticed when I had downloaded that gearth9x.txt directly from his website before that the websites file date showed it was written on 9/30/2006 and I know for a fact he has stopped working on this project soon after he wrote that article, because he moved to WXP and never looked back. ...anyway my point is that I looked over the digital sigs on all my GoogleEarthWin.exe and noticed that for his test he must of been using v4.0.2091 since it has a dig sig of 9/14/06. (my thinking was he would of never wrote up that article if he knew it had the blurs if you know what I mean)

So I deleted every single piece of Google file/registry off my test box for 2K and installed v4.0.2091, then copied all the files off of that, fixed the base dll and added the atl71.dll and then placed everything on my W9x test box just to see what I saw (btw, I placed the files per his gearth9x.txt including the res folder as suggested since I think eidenk didn't need it because he was using a later version which disregards that issue) ...anyway...guess what - the good news for those who are stuck with 9x using GE is that it does 'not' have that blur issue on zoom close at all and is very clear! just like we know it is with 2K/XP (kmz files will not work though and fatal error; proper kml files are fine) You know right away if it will have the blur issue just by clicking the 'Google Campus' tour that's on the very bottom of the Sightseeing tab's list on the left - and when it zooms in close it won't even render what's there right and it's blurry (v4.0.2091 is fine everywhere it goes zoom or not )

Anyway, my point is for anyone having that missing data (blur problem) on 9x with GE then you can at least use v4.0.2091 which is clear (Note though (for me anyway, and dtamonis too even with your 81.98 drivers you will have to apply the DirectX reg I gave before or it won't log in since it will not login with OpenGL enabled no matter what drivers I use.. of course, ymmv!)

fwiw ...v4.0.2742 & v4.0.2746 (when starting from fresh caches on) do have the blur problem on 9x, and so manually placing v4.0.2091 at this point would be the only choice unless instead of manually placing it, someone was able to get the v4.0.2091 packed installer to work for 9x (as long as that process won't add other problems I don't know) ..but manually placing v4.0.2091 for 9x works well. Actually I will even leave v4.0.2091 on my 9x partition for fun, while having the later versions on 2K/XP to keep up with what's new..

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Could you pack the 4.0.2091 folder you have and upload it on Rapidshare ?

Sure but I don't have an account with them, however I will upload it to my website and send you the link via pm, and if you would upload it to your Rapidshare, thank you.

The original 4.0.2091 installer can be had at FileHippo on the right side of their page.

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Thanks, I have just tried this build and it does not have the blur issue at all indeed it seems.

It is actually a pleasure to use this one, versus a PITA, as you said, with the more recent builds.

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Hi, eidenk!

Now that you have it, could you pack the 4.0.2091 folder you have and upload it on Rapidshare ?

I have no way of opening InstallShield packages > 10.0, so I'm willing to try it but cannot.

BTW, once I have it, can I just downgrade manually the files or are there much different registry entries that must be dealt with? I'm presently using build 4.0.2742, which works, but then there is the blur...

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Actually I found out that v4.0.2416 is the last working version for W98 which does not have the random data blur on 9x, however it (and All versions prior) do use a bit more system resources comparatively to all the versions After that... which is the tradeoff; iow, what they did to make it work using less resources is also what started causing the random data blur missing map data on 9x to show up. Anyway I had found out which was the last version working for 9x by downloading every version GE released and installed each one on WXP, and then copied them over to W98SE one by one to test them (having made hex edits to each base.dll, also adding the correct unicows and atl71 dll's)

Here is the Link to the program files needed for v4.0.2416, it's all inclusive meaning you do not have to edit anything, or create any folders - simply place the included folder in your Programs folder (or anywhere really) and then shortcut the googleearth.exe to the Desktop for convenience. The moment you start it then it automatically creates any folders and registry entries that it needs to run all by itself.

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Actually I found out that v4.0.2416 is the last working version for W98 which does not have the random data blur on 9x [...]

Here is the Link to the program files needed for v4.0.2416 [...]

Thanks a whole lot, Rick Chauvin, for your efforts and for the link to the files!

GE v4.0.2416 really does rock! :thumbup I'm free of the blur, at last! :D

It is wonderful to be able to use a flawless GE in Win 98 SE. Nice work!

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I wouldn't say it's flawless though in the sense that all of the options were never and are not entirely available to work when it's placed like that on Win98, however the basic and main portion of the program does work so that's the important part. All the versions works very well on W2K/WXP though and that's where they should really be run, and where I mainly run it..

just a fyi, I put v4.0.2693 release notes in with this version, since this (and some other) versions I noticed never came with release notes, and on some newer release notes they would leave out particular specifics of what was done on previous ones... so I used the v4.0.2693 release notes since it's unique to itself, and one can see in a round about way what they did just beyond it that broke W98's operation.

Anyway, GE is a novelty to be able to run it on 9x too, so it's fun..

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