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Vista to xp file sharing?


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Hi :rolleyes: i have set a ms network up with my laptop(vista) and my pc (xp pro). I can share my internet connection and they can see each other when looking at my network. But i can not access any shared xp folders from my laptop. But i can share folders from my laptop through my pc. This is getting so annoying i have been searching the net for 3 days now and have tryed different things that other people have tryed but nothing. My shared files are set for full control with everyone to share. But i keep getting the same message that i do not have permission and to contact the adminastrator blah blah. Pleae help as this is driving me nuts :wacko:

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Which folders are you trying to share? Are you sharing folders within your "Documents and Settings" folder - such as your "My Documents" folder?

Remember that there are two layers of security when accessing folders from a network. The first is the Permissions in the "Sharing" tab. You need to add yourself if not already done and give full control.

Then of course the "Security" tab. Add yourself there as well.

As cluberti mentioned, your username/password must match. I have noticed, however, that if they don't, it does ask me for username/password.

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I do believe the folders ARE shared but you just can't see your XP computer from Vista because of Link-Layer Topology Discovery.

For each XP computer you want to see in Vista Network, you have to install the LLTD update: Network Map Does not Display XP Computers.

MS describes the problem trying to see XP computers in Vista there.

Also, you don't need this if you just type \\ComputerName. It will go that computer and you'll see all your shared resources. Of type \\ComputerName\SharedFolder, it will go to it.

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Since this is such a common problem/question for XP users of Pro, Home, Vista and older Windows,

it would be nice for someone who knows it all and for this community to contibute to, that perhaps

a HOWTO document posted/pinned like the slipping OS document could be written to help the rest out.

I have troubles with XP too, and it would be nice to see a writeup on this topic in one place. It could

include bugs and hotfixes (from MSoft support too) to be grouped all in one place. Maybe a tool

based on the knowledge in the document can be written (i.e. wizard) to check ones computer and

tell them what's wrong with the OS configuration based on how one answers the questions from the wizard

/software tool.


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I think if you Google the net, you can find plenty of guides on how to network computers; although, TBH, I myself have not search for networking Vista / XP networking because I haven't had any problems other than my XP computers not showing in Vista Network (which I resolved with the MS Update - this information I found from Vista's help!!).

One might consider using help in Vista before Googling - you never know you might find the answer.

Making a guide for this would be like reinventing the wheel. Thus, people only post questions and troubleshooting on this forum rather than a guide.


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