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Nlite 1.3 on XP X64 SP2 ..... 40 seconds to shutdown .. HELP ...


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Hi all

I just did a Nlite 1.3 + Win XP X64 SP2 install - all is great - super lean and super quick ..... EXCEPT ...... Shutdown and Re-Start are both taking around 40 seconds ?!?!? - PC is a Core2Duo 2 x 3.6gig O/C fully stable + 4gig DDR.

Obvioulsy I disabled or turned off a critical element.

Can anyone advise what the likely problem is and how to fix / what do turn back on etc ....

Many thanks,


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Is this a default in nLite? I recently made a XP64+SP2 slipstreamed disc using nLite. I only did SP2, IE7, nVidia drivers slipstream, I didn't choose any other category. Does nLite change other settings without my knowledge?

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Yep - I searched the Regitry with the word "Shutdown".

The entry from memory was something like " ClearPageFile ....." - it appears about 3 or 4 times in the Registry.

Each entry was set to " 1 " even though [ I checked ] my NLite disc had clear page file set to UNCHECKED.

Changed each entry to " 0 " - reboot and all is fine - it needed a re-boot to take effect.


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