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Unattended Secret: Reducing Size Of Source


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@ Beppe

XP/2k/2003 have hidden settings for Encryption and System file protection.  You could put the value as such in your unattend file:




That disables simple file sharing and doesn't make a dllcache folder


where must i put [systemFileProtection] in my winnt.sif file?under [GuiRunOnce]?or not?and must SFC_OS.DL_ to be in i386 folder??excuse-me but i don't speack very well english :)

this is my winnt.sif:












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ummm i dont get the $Win_NT$.~BT Folder just the $Win_NT$.~LS ???

i tried it from CD and from HDD... :)

maybe can anyone send me the Bootfolder for winxp sp1 German ? o_O

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I need only the first methode. I Use only wxp on one cd. I have more drivers and apps.

this methode is verry good. but i want the boot screen

"press a key for setup"

how can i make this.


1st boot device cdrom

2th boot device hdd

winnt.sif on floppy

if i start to boot from cd, the setup starts automaticly and copies the Files.

After this I must change the boot order to 1st hdd or eject the cd

if not:

the setup begins again to copy files

who can help please?

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If you want that message copy bootfix.bin into your VOL1 or boot folder. If you cannot see the ~LS and ~BT folders, make sure you can see hidden files and folders. It doesn't matter where systemfileprotection is, because it's it's own seperate catagory.


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i can see all hidden files and folders..

but i dont have the ~BT Folder :D


u r a german guy :) maybe u can help me and send me the ~BT Folder? u have winxp sp1 german or? :rolleyes:

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You need to browse to the directory of the cd. If say, you have your cd copied to a folder called XP on your C:\. Start - Run - then type "command" without the quotes to open command prompt. From there you would type:

cd XP

cd (change directory) XP changes to the XP folder in your C:\. Then, to get to i386 type

cd i386

then from there type winnt32.exe /noreboot.

Basically in the command prompt you have to navigate to where your winnt32.exe file is for the OS your're trying to shrink.

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ok and when i type it in the setup starts so is it gonna install over my current OS?

EDIT: OK no it didnt install oevr my current OS but it only created da $WIN_NT$.~BT(or somethign like dat) folder it didnt create the $WIN_NT$.~LS... anyone know y that is? im using the corporate version of XP Pro

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No, it won't. When setup comes up. You want to do choose the clean install option. It will copy files to your computer but will NOT overwrite anything already on there. Once it's done, it should just close on it's own if I remember correctly. Afterwards, you should have some weird folders in your C:\. Just follow the starting post of this thread to do the rest.

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