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  1. @Numinous i'm the same opinion. this is my way, too. before i change to inf files, i create adm files for policy, than i can restrict each user. but this ways are only for registry. and inf can more
  2. how can i create a user: - via batch - user must change passwort on next logon or: how can i create a user: - via batch - user passwort is encrypted like net user jonny ***** /add thx jonny
  3. thx gosh it runns good with boot folder great work thx
  4. put on unattendet.txt [Components] ;---Accessibility wizard ;---Default=On AccessOpt = On ;---AutoUpdate ;---Default=On AutoUpdate = off ;---ISAPI for BITS server extensions on client computers ;---Default=Off ;---Requires BITSServerExtensionsManager and iis_www. BitsServerExtensionsISAPI = off ;---(MMC) snap-in, administrative Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) extensions for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) server extensions. ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_inetmgr BitsServerExtensionsManager = Off ;---Calculator ;---Default=On Calc = On ;---Certificate Services components ;---Default=Off Certsrv = Off ;---Web client components of Certificate Services ;---Default=Off Certsrv_client = Off ;---server components of the Certificate Services feature for the Windows .NET Server family only ;---Default=Off Certsrv_server = Off ;---Character Map feature that inserts symbols and characters into documents ;---Default=On Charmap = On ;---Chat feature ;---Default=Off Chat = Off ;---clipboard viewer ;---Default=On Clipbook = On ;---desktop background on the computer desktop ;---Default=On Deskpaper = On ;---Phone Dialer feature ;---Default=On Dialer = off ;---Fax feature ;---Default=Off ;---Requires parameters for [Fax] in this installation. Fax = off ;---Microsoft FrontPage server extensions ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www. Fp_extensions = Off ;---Visual InterDev RAD Remote Deployment Support ;---Default=Off ;---Requires fp_extensions Fp_vdir_deploy = Off ;---Freecell game ;---Default=On(not available in Windows .NET Server family) Freecell = Off ;---Hearts game ;---Default=On(not available in Windows .NET Server family) Hearts = Off ;---HyperTerminal feature ;---Default=On Hypertrm = On ;---visible entry points to Internet Explorer ;---Default=On IEAccess = On ;---common set of files needed by Internet Information Services (IIS) ;---Default=On Iis_common = Off ;---FTP service ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common and iis_inetmgr Iis_ftp = Off ;---(MMC)-based administration tools for IIS ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common. Iis_inetmgr = Off ;---Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) service for the Windows .NET Server family ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www. Iis_nntp = Off ;---Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service for the Windows .NET Server family ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www. Iis_smtp = Off ;---Web UI for Web server administration (Remote Administration Tools) ;---Default=On ;---Use PathWWWRoot in the [InternetServer] section to change the default installation path for the WWW root Iis_webadmin = Off ;---World Wide Web (WWW) service ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common and iis_inetmgr Iis_www = Off ;---create the optional scripts directory on the default Web site ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www Iis_www_vdir_scripts = Off ;---Indexing Service files ;---Default=Off(Windows XP Professional) ;---Requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www. Indexsrv_system = Off ;---turn Terminal Services licensing on ;---Default=Off Licenseserver = Off ;---sample sound clips on the computer ;---Default=On Media_clips = Off ;---Utopia Sound Scheme on the computer ;---Default=Off Media_utopia = Off ;--- Minesweeper game ;---Default=On Minesweeper = Off ;---all the available mouse pointers distributed with Windows XP or Windows .NET Server family ;---Default=On Mousepoint = On ;---integrate Message Queuing (also known as MSMQ) with Active Directory if the computer belongs to a domain ;---Default=Off ;---Requires msmq_LocalStorage. Msmq_ADIntegrated = Off ;---set up the Message Queuing components and provide functionality for any dependent clients ;---Default=Off Msmq_Core = Off ;---enable the sending and receiving of messages using the HTTP protocol ;---Default=Off ;---Requires msmq_LocalStorage and iis_www. Msmq_HTTPSupport = Off ;---store messages locally, so the computer can send and receive messages even when not connected to a network. Required for a minimal Message Queuing installation ;---Default=Off ;---Requires msmq_Core. Msmq_LocalStorage = Off ;---provide access to Active Directory and site recognition for downstream clients. ;---Default=Off ;---Requires msmq_ADIntegrated. Msmq_MQDSService = Off ;---provide efficient routing ;---Default=Off ;---Requires msmq_ADIntegrated. Msmq_RoutingSupport = Off ;---whether to associate the arrival of incoming messages at a queue with functionality in a Component Object Model (COM) component or a stand-alone executable program. ;---Default=Off ;---Requires msmq_LocalStorage. Msmq_TriggersService = Off ;---install MSN Explorer ;---Default=On Msnexplr = Off ;---WordPad feature ;---Default=On Mswordpad = On ;---(COM) Internet Services. ;---Default=Off(Windows XP Professional) ;---Requires iis_common = On, iis_inetmgr = On, and iis_www = On. Netcis = Off ;---additional optional networking components ;---Default=On ;---[NetOptionalComponents] section. If you set the value of netoc to Off, the [NetOptionalComponents] section does not process Netoc = On ;---Object Packager feature ;---Default=On Objectpkg = On ;---visible entry points to Outlook Express ;---Default=On OEAccess = Off ;---Microsoft Paint feature ;---Default=On Paint = On ;---Pinball game ;---Default=On Pinball = Off ;---optional Web UI for the Remote Administration Tools on the computer ;---Default=Off ;---Requires IIS_WebAdmin. Pop3Admin = Off ;---main POP3 service ;---Default=On ;---Requires iis_smtp. Pop3Service = Off ;---the root POP3 component ;---Default=On Pop3Srv = Off ;---Sound Recorder feature ;---Default=On Rec = Off ;---Remote Installation Service, which enables you to install an operating system remotely onto a computer with either a new PXE-based remote boot read-only memory (ROM) or a network card supported by the remote installation boot floppy disk ;---Default=Off Reminst = Off ;---whether to turn on the Optional Components Manager (OCM) Update Root Certificates ;---Default=On Rootautoupdate = On ;---Remote Storage feature that enables the use of tape libraries as extensions of NTFS file system volumes ;---Default=Off Rstorage = Off ;---Solitaire game ;---Default=On Solitaire = Off ;---Spider Solitaire game ;---Default=On Spider = Off ;---Document Templates ;---Default=On Templates = On ;---Terminal Server (Terminal Services for multiple users) on the computer ;---Default=Off ;---To specify important security settings for a server with Terminal Server enabled, use the PermissionsSetting entry in the [TerminalServices] section. ;---To specify the type of licensing you are using for Terminal Server, use the LicensingMode entry in the [TerminalServices] section. TerminalServer = Off ;---ActiveX control and sample pages for hosting Terminal Services client connections over the Web ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www TSWebClient = Off ;---Volume Control feature ;---Default=On Vol = On ;---WMI SNMP Provider components ;---Default=Off WBEMSNMP = Off ;---visible entry points to Windows Messenger ;---Default=On WMAccess = Off ;---visible entry points to Windows Media Player ;---Default=On WMPOCM = On ;---core Windows Media Server components ;---Default=Off ;---Requires wms_admin_asp, wms_admin_mmc, or wms_server. Wms = Off ;---Windows Media Services Web-based administrative components. ;---Default=Off ;---Requires wms, iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www. Wms_admin_asp = Off ;---Windows Media Services (MMC)-based administrative components. ;---Default=Off ;---Requires wms Wms_admin_mmc = Off ;---Windows Media Services Multicast and Advertisement Logging Agent components. ;---Default=Off ;---Requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www. Wms_isapi = Off ;---Windows Media Services server components ;---Default=Off ;---Requires wms and wms_admin_mmc Wms_server = Off ;---Microsoft Gaming Zone Internet games ;---Default=On(not available in Windows .NET Server family) Zonegames = Off
  5. Hi I need only the first methode. I Use only wxp on one cd. I have more drivers and apps. this methode is verry good. but i want the boot screen "press a key for setup" how can i make this. because: 1st boot device cdrom 2th boot device hdd winnt.sif on floppy if i start to boot from cd, the setup starts automaticly and copies the Files. After this I must change the boot order to 1st hdd or eject the cd if not: the setup begins again to copy files who can help please?
  6. {$oem$\Cmdlines.txt} [Commands] ".\cmdlines.bat" {/$oem$\Cmdlines.txt} {$oem$\Cmdlines.bat} call a:\cmdlines.bat {/$oem$\Cmdlines.bat} {a:\cmdlines.bat} @echo off echo Installing Registrytweaks a: cd a:\ cd reg call _doit.bat echo Creating a New User NET USER jonny /ADD NET LOCALGROUP ADMINISTRATOREN jonny /ADD echo hier kann noch das programm xpantispay aufgerufen werden, denn die einstellungen gelten für alle user!!!! {/a:\cmdlines.bat} {a:\reg\_doit.bat} for %%A in (*.reg) do regedit /s "%%A" {/a:\reg\_doit.bat}
  7. error scrpt.cmd MKDIR XPCD\$OEM$\$1Install\SVCPACK -> MKDIR XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install\SVCPACK
  8. @gosh ist's easier to save the winnt.sif to floppy. if no floppy insert, you can load recovery console..... the setup without and with your minimazing windows xp cd will lunch the winnt.sif from floppy. if on cd winnt.sif exists it will be ignored. note! make shure that boot from floppy disabled
  9. hi! my experience is with starting from winnt.exe like Winnt /S:. /U:WinNT.SIF the textmode skipps the partition selection screen also if you have AutoPartition=0 note winnt.exe methode requires existing formated fat 32 partition. the setup want to copie files for the setup and after reeboot the setup come to textmode which is normaly started if you have a bootable cd with winnt.sif
  10. hi gosh nice working! I know this method, but i never integrated my own registry-tweaks! Do you have an *.inf file for wxp sp1? i think, on wxp sp1 there are new based security template tweaks as on w2k! I took the *.inf file from the nsa and changed to my security-tweaks. If not, i try to mix the changed nsa with your own registry-tweaks. {your own registry-tweaks} 3 - Customize the default profile. The way i customized profiles is to modify hifedef.inf. Download mine here . Overwrite your hivedef.inf with mine. To find what i changed, search the file for changed_win2k. I've tested it and it works perfect. It's great for beginners. Enjoy. All .inf files are for win2k sp4. All .inf files you can get from the free sp4 download. {/your own registry-tweaks}
  11. @gosh does it run with a real unattended installation not over cd with winnt.sif? I'm connecting to a share and run set ntpfad=v:\i386 %ntpfad%\WINNT /S:%ntpfad% /U:%ntpfad%\_unat.txt /UDF:ue%ANS%,%ntpfad%\_udf.txt /E:C:\winnt\install2.bat via this method, the setup have 2 parts for copy files thx
  12. hi does anybody know the unattend switch for winoncd5 or/and winoncd6 i found setup.exe /s /V/QB But i want to unselect direct cd ...... and query the serial with silent switching. thx
  13. @Spinman yes please try it and let us know! but i think, not sure ie: Drive 0 = 160g Drive 1 = 120g / Stripe Raid = 280g @webmedic sorry, the last days i didn't have time for trying integrating my controller. i want telling you my news at next time
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