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Internet Bandwidth Usage Monitor

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Hi folks,

Is there any software (preferably free) that can monitor how much I download/upload over a month. I know there are many tools out there that do this, but... I'm using the Internet on a desktop and a laptop, both through wireless ADSL and I copy files between these computers. The software I've tried so far, doesn't distinguish between Internet traffic and LAN traffic. I just want to find out how much I've downloaded in a month, excluding transferring files over the LAN.

Any ideas?

(wasn't sure whether to post this in here or the software forum)

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Cacti certainly looks interesting. I will give it a go when I can, not sure whether it will work with my router though (Orange Broadband LiveBox), thanks very much for your help viperz2000.

DU Meter looks good too, I don't think it will distinguish between Internet and LAN traffic though, briefly looking through the Options :( thanks for the suggestion though ringfinger.

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