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  1. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    Does it really matter? I've tested it with a few reg files and it worked fine. Still much better than editing an INF from scratch
  2. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    Try changing sumthin in the source code to be run in REW mode Why? U have INF regtweaks???
  3. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    I've found a cool script (dunno where, i think Kazaa, coz it was in my kazaa folder)to convert .reg registry exports to INF file with addreg! reg2inf.zip
  4. Please, some Hotfix Slipstreaming Expert Personnel could really inform me where can these hotfixes be called from: -822603 - USB fix -823718 - MDAC security fix -817778 - Advanced Networking -dotnet framework I called these both from svcpack, cmdlines and runonceex(made by cmdlines). Does anyone experienced problems with these fixes? Actually I also had trouble with 817787 (media player 8 upgrade), but i succeeded integrating it just like gosh did with the rollup. (another inf, edit txtsetup.sif, compress hotfix files, put into i386, include catalog) 10kyouall
  5. As how I remember when I downloaded it it also gave me error, then I pressed F3 in wincmd, it showed some banner ads inserted by the webserver at the beginning of the file, so I cut that out with a hex editor and it was OK. I always check the binary format of almost everything.
  6. Hey Gosh, please show up here. Do you enjoy when you throw the bait? I am almost finished with my cool unattended multiboot cd, thanks to your (and others') participation. I also did your source reduction trick, but now my next exciting step is to make all work with a WINPE install. How could you put WinPE+XPPRO+XPHome on a single CD maaaan? Q2: Does the WinPE based install like the reduced source fileset? (or I have to make the whole slipping stuff from scratch?) Q3: Does WinPE-based install process everything what is processed otherwise? (cmdlines.txt,$oem$,application installs...) BTW reading the threads I saw a lot of ridiculous and childish fights between you and others, if you need my opinion, i think first of all they should not react in a negative way. If you know something and write it with confidence, some people are likely to perceive it as an ego-question rather than helpful info... Isnt it childish to have an argument about inf files for example? if you did that face2face in life, it would be really funny (i can imagine Gosh and Greenmachine in front of a computer yelling at each other about windows setup hahahhahehohu)