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vlite problems


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You guys should really get a life Clint and people that hate on me..because i have a life and i just wanted to be polight instead of hating back on you low lifes !!

Listen up i dont need your love or sympathy Clint because you are just a WANNA bE and i have brains and decency..i replied in first place just like you..Clint Mad and Hitting you back to your little corner..reason i sent you a Pm was because you looked all small when i told you what and who i am and why i am here..

Dont forget its all about VLITE and that is why i am here..clint wanna be eastwood lmbao !!!!!!laughin my big azz off !!!

i seem to post stories that people read and it was me that started to post preset files..so what is your problem???

jealouse ?? on this newbee allready??You havent seen nothing yet !!

I bet your intention is to chase people away that love Nihu,s Work??

Dont forget the trueth is faster then a lie !!

From all post i have just 2 people that dont like me..so i would not worrie to much would i?

But i see why i am hatred..all my topics seem to be rated #1 ..hey dont hate me for that !!!

If you 2 Wanna Be's dont like my readings..dont even read them..close it and ill tell you again Clint and some other complainers in this forum..TO SHUT IT !!!

If you dont know who you are dealing with simply shut your explorer and keep your silly childish comments to yourself..o yea and get a life..i,m here for Nihu and the other programmers so keep that in mind..cowboy!

I,m not here to play a moviestar cause that i am long time allready~..id***!

To Mcfly---at least i have the guts to post a pic of me..and not some stupid Alvatar you guys would love to be..I,m real..hope you are to..!!!!

Meet my drummer..he will come and kick you with music !

I bet the rassist people will now come out!!!!!

Get them Nihu !!!!


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