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[Discontinued] iTunes without QuickTime


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elajua, thanks for getting this out there. I havent tested your release, but seems OK from peoples reaction to the release.

The transforms can be applied to x64 versions as well as future releases of iTunes. UNTESTED

(all of my releases were done from scratch)

someday, dont hold your breath, my health isnt the best, when I have the time,

I will send you a personal tutorial to edit these iTunes msi's from scratch.


I'm out of town but i will apply them to 64 bit versions of iTunes and upload it when i get home. Surely will be before next weekend.

I hope that you are doing ok and wish you the best.

I'm already looking forward for that tutorial. As i don't personally use iTunes (i do install it on my computers just to update my firmware), i don't even tried to customize/repack it myself, so your instructions would be appreciated by me and all the users who install it.

Get well and regards.

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So... About that x64 release of 7.7.1? :) Thanks for your work, it's much appreciated.
Hi. There were some issues with the english installer, so the x64 versions will have to wait until i talk to shark about the modifications.

EDIT by Shark007

This project has moved and is now under the direction of elajua.

Download URLs and comment can be made in the new thread.

Edited by Shark007
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