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  1. Well, it's made by Apple, so you can't force it to do as you want. Apple stuff only does things if it feels up to it.
  2. You need to install Apple Application Support. Also, which version of QT Alt are you running?
  3. Needs more 64-bit. ajua, are you working on the latest version? Remember to include at least Apple Application Support since iTunes simply won't work without it (hurray!). Also, QT Alt 3.0.0 final has been released some time ago. The latest iTunes will NOT work with 2.9.2. And before anyone asks, no, I have no idea how to actually do all this stuff.
  4. I use this version of iTunes with my 4th gen iPod nano. And before that, my 2nd gen nano. I haven't used Apple's own iTunes since I had my mini.
  5. That did the trick. In other news, a new version of iTunes is out. 9.0.1
  6. So, I installed QT Lite 3.0.0 Beta 2. Now I get a completely different error. It is telling me I'm missing WebKit.dll, and that error message is then followed by another error message, telling me iTunes wasn't installed correctly and that I should reinstall it. I've tried this to no avail. I don't know if something is missing in the QT Lite beta or in ajua's installer.
  7. I get the following error: "Apple Application Support was not found. Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again. Error 2" I dunno if this is related to your installer, ajua, but I thought it worth mentioning.
  8. Hmm, Apple put new iPods out and it seems there's now a version 8 of iTunes. Time to update those QT-free versions? EDIT: Ha, I didn't see RHPT's post.
  9. Well s***, running it with those commands made it actually work. It even made it switchless. When I ran the .msi without those commands, I'd get the whole iTunes installer. I dunno how, but it's installed now. I've attached the log file anyway. Cheers PS.: I couldn't attach the .log file, so I zipped it up. logfile.zip
  10. I may sound a bit stupid now, but you're speaking in a language I don't understand. XD "Logging switches"? Sorry I can't be of more help.
  11. I don't get any errors, because it doesn't run in the first place. Whenever I "run" it, I get the busy mouse cursor for a few seconds, but after that, nothing happens. Regarding the MSI file, it runs the installer, but when it gets to the "Installing" part, it just says an error occured and the setup cannot continue. No errors codes or anything.
  12. Nope, no errors or anything, because it doesn't even start in the first place. I think the problem is that you set it to extract to the system drive, which Vista probably won't allow. I'm no expert on this, so I don't know for sure. I tried extracting the exe and running the msi, but that merely stopped because of an error.
  13. x64 versions do not seem to work. They don't install at all. Also, I installed the x86 version on my MSI Wind earlier - which is running Windows XP Home - and some folder called Archivos something was created in the root of the C: drive. Why is that?
  14. So... About that x64 release of 7.7.1? Thanks for your work, it's much appreciated.
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