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Can Nlite make a standard compliant install?


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I'm not sure if I am phrasing this properly, but does Nlite make a unattended install similar to what I could do if I were to do it manually by following the MSFN guide? The reason why I ask this is in the past when I used Nlite to make my unattended installs, I couldn't install Activesync. As soon as I make an unattended install manually by following the MSFN guide, I'm able to install it. This lead me to think that Nlite modifies certain file and make the install no longer standard compliant. So basically, can I make a install with Nlite the same as I would by following the MSFN guide? Thanks!

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This question is one I have asked before. Good luck getting an answer is all I have to say.

Nlite differs a lot from the remove files method created for SP1 disc's. Even though I thought orginally they were the same. The remove files method was just a bunch of scripts and easy to see what was happening and what was removed.

If nlite had a log of what it did during the removal/integration process you would have your answer. However no one agrees that a log or summary or anything that helps explain what has happened to your disc after nlite is done would be a good idea. I have suggested this and had a backlash of negative feedback on it.

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