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will jaws 8 run in x64?


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i'm doing a system build for a friend, and he wants to use xp x64 as the os, so he can use 4 gb of ram (all of it)...the machine will be used for alot of production-quality audio creation...the only snag is that he's blind, and uses Freedom Scientific's Jaws 8 program, which doesnt appear to be compatible with 64 bit environments...i've sent a general inquiry e-mail to FS, but figured i'd ask around and see if anyone has tried it..

also, there's no mention of vista compatibilty either, and i wondered if anyone's tried that? any information is helpful :)

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here's the reply i recieved today:

Dear -------------:

Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific Support.

No, we do not have a JAWS version that supports x64 edition at this


Very soon a version of JAWS will be released that supports Windows

Vista, JAWS 8.1. You would need to upgrade to JAWS 8 in order to use

Windows Vista with JAWS.

There is excellent information on JAWS and Windows Vista on the FS

Podcast available at:


As soon as Windows Vista support is available, it will be posted on our

web site.

The upgrade to JAWS 8.1 that will support Windows Vista is a free

upgrade. It will not go against your SMA.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact


Thank you for choosing Freedom Scientific!

If replying to this message, Be sure to include all previous

correspondence pertaining to this issue so that we might more quickly

assist you.


Grant Downey

Technical Support Specialist

Freedom Scientific

i downloaded the january podcast, and it covered vista extensively...but no mention of 64 or 32 bit with either vista or xp...i'll e-mail back and see if i can get a definitive answer...

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According to that letter they either don't know yet for themselves are they going to release a x64 version or they simply won't. Vista is coming and people are just not sure what to do at this moment. There are so much things that are unknown now to any of us and you are asking them a question that is just too early to be answered.

The best thing you can do is wait and look for another software which will work under x64.

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