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Hi All:

I'd like to have my own website,

The main idea is to host with free and if I found things runs well I will move to a paid service, and if it did not runs well, I have nothing to lose...

I'd like to use one that do not force me to put advertisments, also want a big webspace (not less then 5 GB) with suitable number of My SQL database,

this website will have a forum, blog, news, games, .... and some extra sections... and I'm about to use Joomla software and IPB so far,

So what do you think? because I'm really new to this issue

your reply are highly much appreciated

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Welcome to MSFN !

I was in the same situation for my website. How make a website easily, with lot of functions, and for free !

So after searching beyond the different hosts, i have found this one. Sorry for the publicity !!


A friend told me that they offer a space of 1GB, with one mysql base, the offer is name "DEMO1G". I will let you see the complete options !

So, i use it since 3 month for my website, using joomla too, and without any problem. You can use any CMS (most of them works), or other site management tool.

I hope it will answer at your question


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Try to search onto google.com for free web hosting with mysql. It was that i do for my website.

I don't know all the web hosting offers ! because i have searched only french offers !

But via google.com you have some solutions.

So after, i can help you if you want to install joomla.


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