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  1. I'vee downloaded the trial version of the kaspersky internet security and did a full scan and found 100s of viruses including the autorun one you mentioned above. and after a full scan and clean every thing infected I've found that I can open it correctly with no problem at all. note: I think kaspersky internet security is far better then bit defender total security because bit defender did not caught anything at all while kasper did. Yes this is the way I used to use and use windows explorer. but now no need to do any trick as the problem totally solved. Thanks and much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for replying mate, I've installed latest version of bit defender total security and did a full scan after updating both of XP and bit defender and all clean. Also the above link reporting this error [b]The error returned was:[/b] Sorry, some required files are missing, if you intended to view a topic, it's possible that it's been moved or deleted. Please go back and try again. Thanks
  3. Admin one. Nothing changed at all. All I've done was to install an original XP SP2 then installed my drivers and few basic desktop software, then got all expressed updates from windows updates. But this issue was exist from the 1st place after I've just installed XP. When I do a right click I've got the basic options on the menu like open, explore, format ...etc. And when I hit open command I got the open with window (that window you got when you try to open any file hat has no application asociated with and then you pick the application from this window if it is exist there or open the browse window. It shows every thing as normal and there isn't anything wrong there. Do you need any screen shots? Thanks
  4. Hello mate, and thanks for replying. - XP Pro. - 3 HD. - 5 partitions on the 1st HD, 2 partitions on the 2nd HD, the last HD is only 1 partition. - All of them has the same issue. - almost a year. Thanks
  5. Hi, I've just found all of the sudden that I can not open any parition at all, and each time I am tryiing to open it I got the open with window. Please advise how o solve this issue. Thanks
  6. - Later Edit - I do not know if I should post the current one here or start a new topic Can I use IE 7 with Win2k? Thanks
  7. but is it a system hog !? I am using P4, pass 800, 2.4 GHz, 1 MB cache, 2 GB Ram on a 400 pass, and a ECS motherboard with pass 800, and a 128 Radeon 9200 ATI VGA. Thanks
  8. Any screen shoots for yours? And where to find windows blind classics? Thanks
  9. Hello there, I'm using Windows 2000 for the time being. Please I'd like to know if there is any styles or themes for windows 2000 like vista inspirate for windows xp. Thanks
  10. Anything else still missing? I'd like to have the latest updates list.
  11. Is it possible to shrink this as we used to do with office shrinker? Thanks
  12. hi i'd like to have a new updated unattended cd and i'd like to integrate sp3 with the latest hotfixes up to the moment i am posting this ... so can any one tell me how can I know such a thing or even at least can list them here to integrate them with nlite. -later edit- i've found this thread and wondering if there is any hotfix extra beside the listed below or not
  13. Happy birthday mate Long live mate
  14. GaNGa


    Hi All I will make a new CD I'd like to know what is the complete list for all hotfixes Microsoft released since XPSP2 To integrate it directly using nLite. Thanks
  15. Does there is any way to include MS Outlook without having Outlook Express?
  16. Happy birthday mate I like the spirite you have here guys
  17. Hi All I have an educational website that discussing professional designations in Accounting, Financial, Managements, ...etc fields. There are more then one designations to discuss there I want to ask for two issues: 1- I have each designation in a separate category, and subforums for each section or each part of the designation, and I think it is good and organized in these way, am I right or I should let it general? 2- If I want to promote for this website in the related places, what should I do? Thanks
  18. I used to use RSS Feeds for forums I like to visit and add it to thunderbird just to get every thing in one place I've realized that you do have RSS Feeds for different forums. But is it possible to make a one for View New Posts because this is what I hit every time I came here, so I can add it to thunderbird
  19. what is the recommended deep level I should choose is it 2 or 3

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