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Vista on sata drive


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Yes, you can install Vista on a SATA drive, basically, in a general manner, if you can boot from it (and read and write to it) you can install on it.

Are you set up in a RAID configuration by any chance? Could be any number of things, any more details you could share?

I installed Vista on a sata drive and it wont work when it trys to start i get the blue screen of death!!!

and i herd that u can install vista on sata drives!any one know why mine aint working?

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Dude I just tried to install vista on my new sata.

My first attempt it asked for the driver so I copied the folder on a dvd and it found it and installed and then windows continued and the it restarted and said windows is starting for the first time.

Then I seen the green bar going across then black then restart, everytime.

Is there a way to fix this?

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I downloaded drivers from ABIT for the NF7s http://www.abit-usa.com/downloads/download...3112/v10050.zip

I have good results within Vista using my IDE as the OS.

I have not tried installing Vista on the SATA with the Abit drivers.

They are Version 1.0.50

I also installed the Sil GUI locted in the driver package.

Seems ok with Vista



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what version of Vista are you using??? ie, Beta, RC, RTM or full (which you shouldn't have :P)

many of the older versions of Vista would not work when installed on a SATA drive which is using a RAID controller, even if you are not using RAID...

and can you actually give us the error code on the BSOD, they put them there for a reason...

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well, i was mainly replying to the creator of the thread who states he gets a BSOD...

since you replied, i think you'll find there is, you just don't know how to see it...

as the computer is booting up, press the F8 key and you should get a Startup Menu with things like SAFE MODE, etc, etc.

In that list, there should be DISBALE AUTOMATIC RESTART ON SYSTEM FAILURE or similar, select that, then it will show the BSOD instead of just restarting...

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Did you run the vista Upgrade Advisor prior to installation? http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getr.../upgradeadvisor

Is your computer capable of running Vista? http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/capable.mspx

When in the installation do you get the BSOD? ie. what was the last thing it did?

Perform a memory test when you are booting from the Vista DVD. The quickest way is to restart your computer and then tap the spacebar a couple times when you see the "boot from CD/DVD" message during startup. A menu should appear and choose the option to perform a memory test.

The next time you try to install, unplug all unnecessary hardware devices.

BTW, with Vista to disable automatic restart after BSOD:-

[Windows Key] > type "sysdm.cpl" > Advanced tab | Startup and Recovery | settings > System failure

KEEP CHECK Write an event to the system log

UNCHECK Automatic Restart

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