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A Better Windows Setup


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Hi everyone :)

As you all might know, Windows XP has the dumbest setup program in the world, especially when it comes to installing third party disk drivers. We all know that the stupid thing will only accept floppy disks as the location for drivers and nothing else.

Is there an alternate setup wizard that makes installing Windows much easier and more flexible?

I know nLite very well and have learned to master it, but sometimes certain drivers will not integrate successfully and the only choice is to use a floppy drive during setup to add the drivers. But sometimes a floppy drive is unavailable, or in other situations the only diskette available is damaged...

Anyways... Is there a smarter 3rd party setup available for Windows XP?



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No, not really. The problem with XP's setup is that it's a holdover from the NT days, and has limitations that are frustrating. That's one of the reasons the installer for Vista was changed completely.

There are programs out there to help with making it better (like nLite or SetupStudio), but nothing will replace it.

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Wow! Setup Studio seems amazing! :D

Vista's setup is definitely what XP's setup should have been.

And there's no technological breakthrough here, just plain fear of the big Apple.

This just shows you what good competition can bring us users.

Thanks for the tip about Setup Studio.

And colinbate - thank you too for mentioning the DriverPack. I should have thought about it last week when I had this annoying ASUS board who's drivers wouldn't integrate using nLite...

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