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First Look - Advanced installer

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Here is the first beta of a program I am cobbling together.

It's designed to be run after your install has finished and the desktop has started "properly". Its similar to a program written by Nephilim called "xpes" (I got the idea from his program) so credits to him for the idea.

Although it is similar to "xpes" it goes much further and allows total customization of the programs, registry edits and menu options.

It will create an inf or cmd file installation script that should install all your apps tweaks and other stuff completely unattended.

It's currently only processing the menu and defaults and is in its early stages.

IF anyone has any ideas, suggestions, comments or anything else then please shout up.

I don't even have a name for it yet so ill take suggestions on that as well :)

You can download it here

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What are you using? visual basic 6?

what ever controls you have put in it, sure are making it kinda heavy on the old file size. My app has a lot more controls and code and forms and is still very small.

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I can help you with the coding if you like, tell me what you want things to do and i will code it, below is a list of stuff i can think of for now

use microsoft windows common controls 5.0(sp2) not v6

( this is because visual themes work better, dont ask why, cus i dont know )

In your decleration section add this line

Private Declare Function InitCommonControls Lib "Comctl32.dll" () As Long

Then add this

Private Sub Form_Initialize()

InitCommonControls 'Forces the use of xp COMCTL32.OCX v6

End Sub

Then create a manifest file for the app

this is all visual stuff i know but it is an xp app so why make it look like 98se

i have more ideas but i have to go out now and pay some bills :)

But seriously if you want help coding then i will help you

Good Luck


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The config file is evolving all the time, but overall it will remain the same.

The problem is -

If you want to be able to set the name of your program

If you want and you want to set the command line to install the program

As well as the option to reboot after the program

And which of the 3 defaults it falls into.

Then for each program, you are going to need those 6 options.

Then you must think about submenus, if you want a group heading like "Adobe" to group all those products together then you must name that heading.

But if you just want to group a bunch of addons under photoshop then you just need a submenu option.

I have thought about this and the way i figure it is, anyone who is capable of creating an unnatended setup cd should also have the ability to understand the layout of the config file.

:) Latest Beta - Here

At the moment it now looks like this.

DependancyIsRecursive = "yes"
CleanUpAfterInstall = "yes"
CreateInfFiles = "yes"
AutoInstallDelay = "120"
StartUpUsingDefault = "1"
RebootDelayTime = "60"
TimerIgnore = "no"


# Key to 0,0,0,0
# 1st char is dependency - 1, for the 1st program/reg item above it, 2 for the second an so on
# 2nd - program will be selected with first default button
# 3rd - program will be selected with second default button
# 4th - program will be selected with third default button

Menuitem , "Applications"
 program , "ALL Seying Eye" , "%systemroot\install\ase.exe Q:A /R:N",no,0,0,1,0
 submenu , "Adobe"
   program , "Acrobat" , "%systemroot\install\Acrobat.exe -r -t" , no , 0,1,0,0
   program , "Photoshop" , "%systemroot\install\photoshop.exe -s -t" , no , 0,0,1,1
       regfile , "Import Photoshop Serial No" , "%systemroot\install\import.reg" , no , 1,0,0,0
       program , "PS Addon" , "%systemroot\install\psaddon.exe -s -t" , no , 2,0,0,0
       submenu , "filters"
         program , "CoolShades" , "%systemroot\install\coolshades.exe -s -t" , no , 0,0,1,0
         program , "Mirrors" , "%systemroot\install\mirrors.exe -s -t" , no , 4,0,0,0
             regadd , "Mirror Serial No" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 1,0,1,0
             regdel , "Mirror Warning" , "-HKCU\whatever" , no , 2,0,0,0
   Program , "ImageReady" , "%systemroot\install\photoshop.exe -s -t" , no , 0,0,0,0
 program , "MSN Messenger 6" , "%systemroot\install\MSN6.exe Q:A /R:N" , no , 0,1,1,0
     program , "MSN Plus" , "%systemroot\install\MSN_PLUS.exe Q:A /R:N" , no , 1,0,0,0
menuitem , "Registry Tweaks"
 submenu , "Desktop Settings"
   regadd , "Set Something" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
   regadd , "Remove Something" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
   regadd , "Change it a bit" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
 submenu , "User Settings"
   regadd , "Mess with s***" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
   regadd , "Break stuff" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
   regadd , "Change stuff" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
 submenu , "General Tweaks"
   regadd , "This" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
   regadd , "and" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
   regadd , "That" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
 submenu , "System Settings"
  regadd , "dont mess with this s***" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
  regadd , "Undo - I told you not to" , "HKCU\whatever" , no , 0,0,1,0
menuitem , "XP Programs"
 program , "DirectX 9" , "%systemroot\install\DX9.exe Q:A /R:N" , yes , 0,1,1,0
 program , "Windows Media Player9" , "%systemroot\install\wmp9.exe Q:A /R:N" , no , 0,1,1,0
     program , "WMP9 Hotfix" , "%systemroot\install\Q123546.exe Q:A /R:N" ,no,1,0,0,0

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