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DrvComp v2007.08.09


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I created this new topic on request.


- Driver compression: This works only for drivers with .inf files!

- Multi directory / multi inf files

- Cab files support

- Driver version check

- Class/Provider dir structure creation

- nVidia international driver support

- XP installation CD driver integration

Known errors:

- When using Provider Disk Structure in combination with Realtek and VIA vinyl

audio drivers, it creates a directory for every .inf file and copies the same

drivers to all the dirs.

- If there are 2 SourceDiskFiles sections it scans only the first one and won't

copy files in the sections afterwards. (Logitech mouse drivers)

How does this work?

Driver Compressor searches in the source directory for .inf files. From this file it gets all the necessary information. Then it copies the source files to a new destination and compresses it.

For more info, read the included readme.txt file.


2007.08.09 Added XP installation CD driver integration.

2007.08.03 Renamed next button into Start.

2007.08.03 Fixed cancel button so the program exits.

2007.07.19 Fixed compatibility with Win98 as host OS.

2007.07.17 Added nVidia international driver support

2007.05.19 Improved check for source and destination dir.

2007.05.17 Added about link to readme.txt.

2007.05.17 Added some debug info to the log file.

2007.05.17 Fixed error 'Parameter format not correct'.

2007.05.16 Added check for same source and destination dir.

2007.05.16 Added displaying version.

2007.05.16 Copy catalog is selected by default.

2006.03.07 Disabled warning message for missing .com, .sys, .dos and .vxd files.

2006.03.06 Fixed error with files extensions less than 3 characters (ATI).



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I must say... this is the best thing tool i have run into... I can cut all the garbage out of the package that the manufacturers give me and end up with just the drivers... I have not come across any driver that this does not work with. :thumbup

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Yeah copying the .cat file is a MUST can you make it checkd by defualt?

An actual version number system would be nice. What version is the current?

- Copy .cat is checked by default.

- Version 2007.05.16

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Quick thing can you re-enable the welcome\type first box I liked it plus it had a lot of info in it. Or maybe add a readme\about button that brings up that window.

Also why does it always say parameter not correct yet it still properly proccess my drivers?

Thanks for the quick work.

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This is using the nVidia drivers straight from their site and I have had it happen on lots of other drivers.

ini file:

Source=C:\Documents and Settings\Kelsenellenelvian\Desktop\Main
Destination=C:\Documents and Settings\Kelsenellenelvian\Desktop\New Folder

log file:

Expanding cabinet files...
Removing attributes from files...
Parameter format not correct -
[+] \nv4_disp.inf
Removing temp dirs...
Compressing cabinet files...
Compressing copied files...

Processed 1/1 .inf files in 1 min 47 sec 640 ms.

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Never mind, I think I already found and fixed it.

- Added about link to readme.txt.

- Added some debug info to the log file.

- Fixed error 'Parameter format not correct'.

- Added check for same source and destination dir.

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