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  1. [Release] Nero Lite v9.2.6.0

    Hi mara...great job. Just want to ask something...Nero 9 have special function and plugin such as HD, blueray, DTS plugin that must be activate with different serial number. Does this nerolite include such that plugin? and haw can i activate it unattendedly?
  2. RegTweaks 0.4.2

    XP SP3 had been released...are there any new reg tweaks for xp sp3? Can I use SP2 tweeks to XP SP3?
  3. Can I ask something, I install Office 2007 Enterprice English in my Win XP 32 bit. I didn't install Infopath,OneNote,Groove...can I just delete those folder (Groove.en-us,InfoPath.en-us,OneNote.en-us)? How about the other folder (Rosebud.en-us,Office64.en-us, all folder inside admin - except en-us,oct.dll and octca.dll)..can I delete it?
  4. RegTweaks 0.4.2

    Sorry Yzöwl for double post. And how about my other questions?
  5. RegTweaks 0.4.2

    Hi Guys, Ihave a few questions: 1) What does this for?: 2) This regtweaks never work for me: Start menu list still need to be sort manually msg "MMC cannot open the file %SYSTEMDRIVE%\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\devmgmt.msc" appear. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance
  6. Making Nero 8 a silent install

    Hi yiepinhsu, I did your way. It's working. Do we really need VCRedistSetup.msi and neroxml.msi? What are those file do?
  7. Hi Vishal, Is there Windows About Box in XP? How can I open it?
  8. Silent Install of Ad-Aware 2007 Pro

    Bravo!!..it works..thanks Ricks
  9. Silent Install of Ad-Aware 2007 Pro

    Thanks Rick, but can it be use with Pro version?
  10. Hi Guys, I'll try to install Ad-Aware 2007 Pro using /qb switch. It works but in between installation it ask for registration code. Can somebody help me to automatically register this software?
  11. RegTweaks 0.4.2

    Right click on My computer for Device Manager never work for me. Can somebody help me?
  12. Office 2007 Updates on source

    There are a lot of hotfixes for office 2007 but which one should I put in the Updates file? All of them or only the latest?
  13. Making Nero 8 a silent install

    Thanks yiepinhsu, I'll try your way.
  14. Making Nero 8 a silent install

    I can't use burning rom to burn cd/dvd. message sorry, this Nero version support recorders only". It still the same even I change th burnright setting. Can someone help me.