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welcome help (user/internet/register?)


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Hi all!

I have been stunned by the MSFN guide to make a self-installing all tweaked out XP-CD because I have always wanted something quite like that. I have made a couple of those CDs and it keeps on evolving nicely.

However, I still get the welcome-movie, user creation/checking internet ability/register with microsoft screens in between windows install and the cmd file start.

How can I bypass this?

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Use UnattendSwitch="Yes" in your winnt.sif file to bypass the Welcome to Windows XP screens.

Welcome to MSFN :)

Ahh thanx Aaron. I knew I missed something...

And thanx for the welcome. MSFN is amazing!

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Aaron, sorry to bring up this topic again but it doesn't work. The user/internet/register dislogs are successfully skipped now BUT I am then prompted to logon. And that is BEFORE the registry tweaks & hotfixes are installed so I don't think the autologon will work. How can I fix this?

Would installing WITHOUT an admin password solve this issue?

BTW: How does one change the admin password afterwards? User config?

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Use the CMDLINES.TXT trick to add the user beforehand. Something like...

ECHO Adding User "Valkyre"
net user Valkyre /add
net localgroup "administrators" Valkyre /add
net localgroup "users" Valkyre /delete
net user administrator /active:no

(taken from my own script, you would replace my name with yours)

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Why do you need to make a username to be auto logged in? In win2k and XP you are auto logged in after setup completes. The only reason i see why you would need to make a username is if your installing in a corp environment.


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