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Help My Pc still thinks it's Party time!


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:zzz: Hello guys i would love some thoughts and views regarding my pc!! it doesn't wan't to stop partying :puke: lol! Santa was good to me and i was presented with a new (Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard and a Microsoft Comfort Optical 3000 Mouse together in a value pack), the problem i seem to be having(one which i have never encountered before as i only got my pc February 2006 and all seemed well)is that whenever i completley shut windows down, it decides to restart again!!! As much as i love using my pc i do on occasion like to switch it off to go out to earn a living. I wish not to have to unplug it from the power source ,but it will go off eventually when i put it into hibernation or if i push in and hold the tower on and off switch. A friend informed me that it could be a driver conflict issue, however i only had a plug and play setup before and opted again for wired setup and assumed i just had to plug in as before. I also loaded the software with my new keyboard etc, into my pc and had no probs . Perhaps it is something that i did wrong as i am still relatively new to all things connectivity(or not lol!!), I have never set any of my pc,s power options settings another suggestion given by a friend but i did come adrift as to what his exact meaning was. I have a Packard Bell Imedia 1509 ,XP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2 any help you could give this poor lost soul would be gratefully received and a little dram will be sent to you through cyberspace, my new year gift to you, i would send you a bottle but you would only fight over it lol!!!! I would also like to add my pc is due for it,s very first tune up etc, on February 1st 2007 so if i can forward your advice at this time it would also be of great benefit .

Many Thanks from B :thumbup onnie

and Bonnie wishes to send each and Everyone a Happy and Prosporous New Year

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Had a very similar problem with my bros comp after upgrading its ram and hard drive.

I had to change the ACPI power setting in the bios.

I cant rememeber the exact settings without looking, but I had to change it to sommit like


Or sommit, will look wen i get home. After that the comp turned off wen it was suppose to and didnt restart and load windows again.

Hopefully this would solve your problem, the settign might be different from board to board, but it worked for me.

Do you know what motherboard is in your computer?

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