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I have a HP ProLiant ML150 G2 Server.

This was working fine until one day I realized that the screen was black.

I try to boot the server, but the screen is black. I cannot get into the bios.

Anybody that can help me ???


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When I boot the server, the fans is spinning. I get a light on the CD-rom, but not on the FDD. After a couple of seconds the light goes off from the CDrom, and - nothing! Everything seems right on the server. "Powerlight" is on.

Screen is black - no signal.

I switched the graphic card, but that didn't help.

Disconnected cd CDrom and fdd from the system board, no help.

The server is connected to a switch. The lamp on the port turn green - so does the ethernet port on the server.

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:) I see noone has replied about your problem yet, so...

I had an MSI K7NG2-L motherboard in a computer that ran ok for 9 months and it seemed to have done the same thing as your computer did. I sold the motherboard and later I asked the guy I sold it to if he got it to work, and he said he did get it to work.

So hang in there, I think you can get your computer to work again...somehow.

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You don't hear any BEEEEEPs from your board and ALL light indicators are working which means that your "tower" is working.

Inserting an other vga card did't help...

Well,unfortunately, this means one thing, YOU'VE BURNT YOUR MONITOR!

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No beeps = no POST. Clear the BIOS and see if it starts up. To clear the CMOS (BIOS) refer to the motherboard manual. If you haven't got one then unplug your pc from the mains, remove the battery located on the motherboard, wait ~10 seconds then plug it back in. Power up the pc and come back with your findings. Cheers.

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I removed the battry for awhile just like you said. But no beeps...

Got one little change - when I connect the power cord now, it starts automaticly. Before I had to press the button.

What could I do now?

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I tryed something here...

I stripped down the server - and then I got beeps! 1-3-3-1. Means troubleshoot the system memory or troubleshoot the motherboard.

How can I do that? Does that mean that I should replace the motherboard?

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