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Way to suppress "Compressed UL File Installed" message?

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I am trying to make an application addon (using HFSLIP, also nLite compatible I think) that installs WUD and installs some common update lists. Here is what I have so far:

@echo off
start /wait WUD224B868Setup.exe /S
copy windows-2000-professional-x86-enu.ulz "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Updates Downloader" >nul
copy windows-xp-x86-enu.ulz "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Updates Downloader" >nul
copy office-2003-x86-enu.ulz "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Updates Downloader" >nul
for %%u in ("%ProgramFiles%\Windows Updates Downloader\*.ulz") do start "" /wait "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Updates Downloader\WUD.exe" -install "%%u"

For this to work I need to suppress the "Compressed UL File Installed" message. Any way to do this? I read the Third Party Integration sticky but I don't need to actually download the updates themselves.

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If you're going to include them in the package, simply extract the ULs from the ULZs and copy the uncompressed ULs to the program directory.

A ULZ is simply the a UL file that is compressed using WinZip algorythms. You can extract the ULs from the ULZs using WinZip, WinRAR or 7zip. All WUD does is associate itself to the ULZ extension and automatically extracts the UL and copies it to it's program directory.

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