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Link to zip file doesn't work?


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I have searched but have not found.

I can't figure out why the Download link in my signature (or in my post) doesn't work. In fact I see the link appear in the address bar, then it quickly redirects back to www.msfn.org. Is it because the zip file has an .exe in it?

EDIT: I'm thinking it must be happening on the freewebs side. Is that what it looks like?

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I have the same problem on Tripod. Try making a redirect HTML file, like this:

<title>YOUR OWN TITLE</title>
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="5; URL=YOUR OWN LINK HERE">
<p>Downloading the file "YOUR OWN FILE NAME, YOU CAN REMOVE QUOTES HERE", please wait...
<br>if download does not begin within 5 seconds or you are using Windows XP SP2, click <a href="PUT YOUR OWN LINK HERE, LEAVE QUOTES">here</a>

When you have put in the neccessary links and info in the above HTML file, just link to that, and it will automatically redirect the client to the file. That should be all it was. They don't like direct linking, so you link to your own page and then they download from there.

Hope this helps.

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