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desktop sidebar 116 silent installer / silent switch


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After downloading the package, I extract it using WinRAR and then I have an .msi file that can be installed using
DesktopSidebar.msi /qb-!

oh,thanks very much dynaletik, it worked..just showed progress bar, i think its ok.. thanks again dyna.. really appreciate it... :hello:

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DesktopSidebar.msi /quiet /norestart

is quiet :)

thank you verymuch ralin!.. work great! i will use it in my runonceex .. :hello:

Yep, RunOnceEx is the way to go with this one... It requires Windows Installer v3

yeah rick.. i used your vistasidebar.zip that you made before.. installed perfectly through nlite.. but at first i thought it was a desktop sidebar.. because i prefer desktop sidebar.. :) ..why dont you try to make this intresting desktop sidebar an addon ? anyway.. thank you very much. :hello:

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