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  1. yes i will. i didnt change the winnt.bat file since there are no winnt.bat file in my xpcd, but i created it and put in the same location as you said. i made my xpcd with nlite and also use RunOnceEx to install some application from $OEM$ folder. So creating the winnt.bat is just necesssary in order to install my xpcd from hdd?? is't it? i will do all what you said and start installing windows .. and let you know later if i succeed or not... okey thanks for ur great help
  2. this quote explained that what i did was same as your picture attachment. I run cmdfile from xpcd folder and then the error messsage was - specified setup script file (m:\xpcd\winnt.sif) is inaccessible or invalid . it just moved the $OEM$ folder to i386 folder. waitt!... i see the winnt.sif in ur xpcd folder... not in your i386 folder! . U did not inform me before to move the winnt.sif from i386 to xpcd folder ! Is it save to move the winnt.sif from it folder???
  3. i clicked the cmd file in f:\xpcd but error message pop up - windows cannot find 'i386\winnt32.exe'. ....when i clicked cmd file in f:\xpcd\cmdfile the error also pop up - the specified setup script file (m:\xpcd\winnt.sif) is inaccessible or invalid but this time it did move $OEM$ folder to i386 folder ... --- when i clicked the cmd file in f:\xpcd\i386\cmdfile the error is - windows cannot find 'i386\winnt32.exe' and this time nothing changed or moved ... So what was wrong with the command in the cmd file.. and what should i change in the cmdfile ? this is my path f:\xpcd\i386 One more, i couldn't find winnt.bat file to modify it... where is it? Gee anyway.. is there alternative to test the xpcd , i think installing it from hdd is more perfect and better than virtual machine. but in any case i must learn how to install my xpcd from any medium possible.. just to know how.. maybe someday in some conditions it would be very useful.. okey.
  4. GEE because i've no more empty cd to burn .. i've burned 4-5 unattended xpcd . installed well at first but when reboot and after log on ,, it refused to enter window and showed blue screen.. dont know why. therefore i think the only way to save my money is to try installing my trial unattended windows from hdd.... so i dont have to waste any cd... and only burn it when everything is alright without any error... Thanks waiting gunsmokingman ...
  5. He seems to want to install it from Windows What if he has a OS installed already then there would be a boot.ini If he has his drive in NTFS then a normal Dos Boot disk would not work as it can not read NTFS Yes gunsmoking, i has a OS installed already and for now i'm going to install my xpcd from windows. by the way, thank you very much gunsmokingman for paying attention to my question. it seem very usefull tips but i need to understand it first before begin installing My XPCD is on f:\xpcd so i have to place InstallXPHD.cmd on f:\InstallXPHD.cmd is that correct? if i dont want to change the default tempdrive so i have to set /tempdrive:C: right? after i did the things i just have to click setup.exe , thats all? waiting.. thanks
  6. ohh, so we can install unattended windows with MsDOS prompt? thats great ..so all i have to do is booting to a DOS and run winnit.exe in i386 folder? thats all or there is some command to install unattended perfectly?
  7. Hi all.. i wonder, how can i install my unattended windows from hddisk ?? i tried click on the setup.exe and it just installed like none unattended windows ... anyone please help me.. really appreciate it. regards
  8. Where did you see that I told it DOES patch? I know that it doesn't. I warned people because I and my friends REALLY experienced problems after applying some of the bootscreens (not every one, actually). And since this forum filled with, let's say so, not very experienced in recovering windows people, I felt it would worth to warn about it. once to me but after long time of applying some of the boot screen. It not destroyed my window , i just choosed the good setting before the problem occured.. and then i was able to boot and enter my window and after that i was unabled to use the bootscreen again until i install a refresh window again. dont know why.
  9. yes, i got the same problem. the problem can be solved by installing it using runoneceExe .. no WGA required, just make sure your windows is genuine. thats all. use windowsdefender.msi /passive /norestart
  10. Foxit Reader silent install

    this good http://arcovink1.googlepages.com/FoxitReader.exe .. installed and worked well, just use ( /verysilent ) switch.its version 2.0 .. thank arco.. I'm afraid it is still repeat the same error, am I the only one who recieve that error or there is any one else? just make a perfect download , get the perfect file and no corrrupt message would occur anymore ... the error u got because the file was corrupt.. thats all.
  11. Foxit Reader silent install

    this good http://arcovink1.googlepages.com/FoxitReader.exe .. installed and worked well, just use ( /verysilent ) switch. its version 2.0 .. thank arco..
  12. BitComet silent install?

    do u used /s switch ? and it was silently installed>?
  13. can anyone please give me a silent switch for this release? thanks
  14. [Release] BitComet 0.91

    Okey Rado, may be i was wrong or some errors occured during my windows installation.. i also used your IE7 addon, its installed perfect but when i open the Ie7 after that, the ie7 there just like ie6.. no tab browsing and etc,, only 'about' menu says that it is ie7.. wonder why.. and after a while my windows autoupdate start downloading IE7 and installed it again. anyway thank a lot rado, i'm going to make my unattended cd again and i will inform you here if there any error occured during installation. i do not know about installation in stuff like VMware .. i dont care because i'm using free empty cd see you
  15. [Release] BitComet 0.91

    yes, because i've installed my window with my unattended xpCd which include ur addon bitcomet0.80 . During installing window, the bitcomet setup window pop up dan requested me to choice language and click ok till the end.... I think if u used same method/switch to make addon of bitcomet0.81 .. the same result would appear. i tried using all the silent switch in the guide to install bitcomet and zoomplayer wmv pro.. but not work. (tested with (run) command pompt). anyway, thank you very much for ur attention. i've added ur cute webaddon and check it almost daily. and thanks again for considering to investigate this issue .. p/s: sorry for my bad english language, i hope everyone here can understand it.. i'm a malaysian.