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copy protecting a cd or dvd


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Hey guys i think a lot about copy protecting a cd. I have found a way. But i am not a programmer so i need your help.

we will add an useless file in the cd or dvd which is useless on the cd, like putiing a .dat file or something else like that. after burning the iso image we will find the clusters and sectors on which the file exists.

Whenever a cd or dvd is being copied actually the laser head is reading clusters and sectors of cd or dvd. Here comes my idea into existence. as soon as cd or dvd is inserted i would like to autorun a program which will keep and eye on cd or dvd drive for which sectors and clusters it is reading. if the drive reads the area of cd or dvd which contains that useless file. the drive monitoring program will run a batch file specified. and we can add anything we like on thw batch file. like shutdown of the system. the program must be supported on all types of operating system. so that the cd and dvd is not able to copy on any type of OS.

please do reply to this post i thing this idea is going to copy protect our cds

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... the program must be supported on all types of operating system. so that the cd and dvd is not able to copy on any type of OS. ...

At the latest it will brake at that point, simply because other OSes (or windows with autorun disabled) are not interested in any sort of autorun mechanisms. If it would not already break because not everyone is stupid enough to work on Windows all day using an administrative account.

just my 2 cent.

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Hello :)

I Was very interested in copy Protecting my DVDs aswell, Software wise, but what it thougt, this may be illegal, but im not sure, and you may have already posted in, in that case im sorry, but isnt there a file on a Protected DVD Video disc, we could like use, and simply copy that onto out software discs, so then programs such as Nero etc, will not be able to copy it, its not a problem for me with people copying and pasting the files, because most of my clients etc, or people i know, are Novice at computer :) so wouldnt think to use nLite :D lol

So i would very much like to protect my DVD Software, if you would like to discuss it more please PM me :)

Thanks Ethan.

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