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[Error] Remote Desktop only showing blank screen


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I'm using Windows XP Professional on the remote PC. A few weeks ago, I can connect to it just fine. But now everytime I try to connect, it only display blank screen, without any login box and I can't get to the desktop screen.

Connection should not be a problem, it has static ip, no firewall run in background. no IP conflict and I can use the computer just fine on the terminal itself :(

I can even run Virtual PC and install FreeBSD on it and connect via ssh from other computer... But STILL having no login box when trying to connect to the computer itself :(

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Is this PC running service pack 2? I had a problem similiar to this where when I tried to connect the remote screen was just black. I basically went to the PC I was trying to connect to and reinstalled service pack 2 and checked and unchecked and then rechecked the allow remote connections check box. I rebooted after every check and uncheck and then I was able to connect.

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