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Vista VS XP


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MS starts using DRM = People find a way to disable it.

Yes, that's most probably how it will turn out.

In a perfect word, people would NOT buy from MS because of DRM, and MS would be forced to remove it.

I'm sure that the difference between the two "methods" to achieve the same final goal is evident.


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When you say no RAID support on setup what does that mean. I have a 2 terebyte RAID1 drive that I load all my photos onto, as well as my movies and apps. How will Vista change the way it works now?


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if Vista didn't have the drivers for your Card, as it didn't for mine, injecting the drivers into the Vista image is a pretty dang easy job to do now with WIM format, just copy out all the Vista files to your computer, download the WAIK for VIsta and then use ImageX to mount the WIM of vista to your Harddrive and use drvload to inject your drivers into vista. Rebuild your DVD and presto, the next time you have to install vista your drivers are there!

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I know, it's just like in XP. I just thought that Vista would be a one step ahead since it's newer. You kinda expect basic things like RAID and SATA drivers to be integrated by default when a OS gets released in 2007. Atleast, that's what I expect.

Vista has already disappointed me a couple of times, so I'm used to it though.

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