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3rd Party "Microsoft Updates"



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Depending on now much control you have over the initial install process of the apps, you could turn off the in-built autoupdate portions of all these programs, then have your add-on to "WU" to search for it.

The other angle would be to use the autoupdaters themselves but instead have them redirected to the onsite server to look for updates. This would either be a host file entry or if the router can have custom firmware, just redirect it back to the local network (except for the "server" hosting the updates locally).

For single to three computer installations (homes) this might be a tad impractical (who wants to buy another computer to serve as an update server). But for businesses (even smaller ones), this would be an excellent project. Also excellent for you pegging the home techie types that do have several computers.

If you have a large enough network (no matter how small), downloading any kind of update (frequently these are over 40MB in total) only once would be excellent. Especially since the talk of capping data usage.

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