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Create your addon easily:CreateurAddOn Pack Maker

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I was looking for an addon maker.

So I have found this fantastic utility by vier.

There are many options, more than other similar applications.

You can customize your addons in all parts.

It create addons compatibles with Nlite by nuhi and RVM Integrator by Siginet.

With it you can:

1) insert multiple applications in only one addon with silent switches.

2) add reg keys;

3) add windows themes;

4) create shortcuts;

5) add files in any windows folder;

6) add wallpapers;

7) add screensavers;

8) add files in programs folder

..... and much much more

I have tested compatibility with Nlite with 5 or 6 applications.

It works great.

If you have .msi files I suggest you to use Creature SFX.

You can find it at same forum.

You can downloat it here (Official Link).

Mirror 1 Rapidshare.de

Mirror 2 MegaUpload

This is the official forum..

Bye ;)

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there's also a massive post under yours with a tool that does it too :)


never used either, i dont use the addons

Yes, I know.

But Createur Addon has much more functions than Add-on Maker.

Add-on Maker can only compress an archive with 7z with or without silent switches.

They are not comparable for available functions: Createur has much more. According to me it is the best.

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