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Ram and Computer case


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My 2 cents:

A-DATA (V-DATA) makes good RAM and you can OC it with 5-10%, so if you want to OC then get other RAM.

You are looking at 2 very different cases:

The CoolerMaster case:

The good:

- Looks, timeless design

- Materials, totally build out of Aluminum, AND SURE NOT FLIMSY! 2mm inside, 0.8-1mm outside!!

The bad:

- Older inner design

- just one 8cm fan in the back (it has space for 2 8cm fans in front but it will make the system way more noisy)

The Antec case:

The good:

- Good design, except for the dull looking front

- 12cm cooling fan in the back and optional 12cm in front

- Comes with a not-to-bad PSU :)

The bad:

- Dull looking front

What I want to say more:

The CoolerMaster is a way different case then the Antec, the CoolerMaster is like 40% more expensive then the Antec so there is no way you really can compare them; mostly because of the materials used. I personally like the CoolerMaster better because of it use of Aluminum, even for the front! On the inside I like the Antec better with it’s 12cm blow holes and a not-to-bad PSU.

The questions remain: Do you care about noise? So yes then go for the Antec. Do you like a timeless design and a qualetive better case then go for the CoolerMaster but that one will be 40% more expensive, and yes it’s worth it in my eyes...

Thanks for the advice... I dont really care about the noise, I can always fix that anyway But i liked the coolermaster case becasue it was very sleek looking and very simple. and i already have a really nice PSU that would look great in there and there plenty of space in that case. The Antec case was nice looking too, but i read the reviews and they said the front panel was kinda hard to get off and it fragile, unlike the CoolerMaster, don't even have a front panel ( I Think ) But I like the Antec case because it has that system for the side panels its sort of like a door... But as for the CoolerMaster, its a great case for moding because you buy a lot of better stuff for that case off from CoolerMaster's website, like you can get a Side panel with a clear side and some other stuff. but what i dont like is that is uses 80mm fans instead of 120mm fans, buut in the antec case it only has one, but i'm thinking to go with the CoolerMaster case..... Thanks

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Nice move on the coolermaster case, I got the Wave master case, superb for cooling. and not THAT noisey.

I got the 2 fans at the front (came supplied) one fan at rear (supplied) and I put a fan at the top (optional) as you can remove the audio connection and put a fan grill their, as we know heat rises, good place for a fan.

And the 2 front fan cool the hard drives nicely.

see my pics:

Pic 1

As you can see with this next pic, my Zalman fan lines up perfctly with my exhaust fan.

Pic 2

Pic 3

A friend luckily had a coolermaster side panel they didnt want!

Looks very nice as you can see here.

Pic 4

So yeh, i love this case, and ll my fans are linke dup to fan controllers, which helps wen you dont need the fans on as much, but as i said, isnt really THAT noisey.

Note: these pics are a few months old, I now have a Zalman VGA cooler on my graphics card, which helps to push the air up to the cpu and then out the back of the case, as the zalman VGA cooler has some meaty CFM.

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It’s not that noisy but just a bit more then a case with 12cm fans.

Did you see that inside it’s the same as the WaveMaster? Way cool cases and still one of my favorites when you look at quality/price. I remember when I had the first one in my hands, back in 2000; still are the same quality as back then. Prices dropped because at that time the cost was "only" €172 or so :P.

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I know I'm a little late to the party... but I have a third suggestion for the case.


I tried this case first with my athlon x2 I built myself a year ago and I have been nothing but extatically pleased with it. I removed the gaudy "ultra" silver side-of-case fan cover, to find there is honeycomb black steel grille behind it that looks very nice. The case itself has a 120MM fan hole and is built incredibly well and intellegently. It even directs airflow through the HDD area even if you have no fan there. Here, lemme show you.


As for it having no PSU, go visit http://www.pcpowercooling.com and get yourself one. I got the silencer 360 for $55 shipped a year ago. their customer support is top shelf and so are their PSUs.

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