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Remove RAID drives from Send To menu

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I have got a RAID array in my PC. But the shortcuts of the partitions of this RAID array keep getting created in "send to" menu.

How can I avoid this? I don't need these shortcuts. Can someone help me out?


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Hi !

I had the same probleme with non-raid HD (nvidia NF570 chip on asus m2n-e mobo) ! And I had this problem too, in the past with my previous computer (nvidia NF4 ultra chip on gigabyte k8nf9-ultra) :(

The strange part is that when I test my XPCD into a virtual machine (vmware 5.5), I don't have these shortcut in Send to menu ! Using the same CD and doing a clean install for true, I had these shortcut in Send to menu....

The difference is obviously the drivers wich is completly different between virtual machine, and real install.

Seems (for me) to be a "bug" with some sata/ide or raid drivers and XP !

Screen in XP:


Screen in VM:


If anyone has a idea about this *problem* please don't hesitate to give a solution :whistle:

(sorry for my strange english, that's not my natural language :lol: )

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%UserProfile%\SendTo :)

(In my case its C:\Documents and Settings\Ralin\SendTo )

No the shortcuts are not created in any SendTo folders, that is neither in userprofile or defaultuser profile, these are created by some registry entry perhaps.

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Unfortunatly, I've never found a key "linked" to that shortcut :(

There's a few thread on the web (google is our friend no ?) talking about this shortcut problem. It seems to be "link" to removable media (hd usb, usb key...) fonction wich appears with SP2.

I mean Windows "believe" Sata HD, or IDE HD (or Raid...) is a removable media (hd usb, usb key...) and of course these are not removable media :(

One more time, a really nice bug from M$ :sneaky:

I sent email a few month to nvidia and ms supprt, never had an answer lol

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You are right, the RAID drives are identified for their quick-removal and device manager has got this option too, also there is option for enbling or disabling write behind cache.

So once the drives of this array are recognised as removable, their shortcuts are shown in the sendto menu.

But still this becomes irritating.

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Yep! This is really frustrating... I don't want these shortcut too :realmad:

Using the same CD, installed on VmWare: no shortcut ! Real installation: with shortcut...

I've tried to track the registry with reg capture software like "VeriTest-Rational Install Analyzer" but i don't find any reg key...

I've search on MS website for hotfix, and i've find nothing, I send email to nvidia and MS, no answer :blink:

Nobody seems to have a solution for this ?

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