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Process Explorer Trying to send hidden Packet

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I recently switched from sygate pro to comodo firewall. After I launch Sysinternals Process Explorer and then close the program. If I then launch firefox I get a warning that process explorer has modified firefox in memory to send a hidden packet. Any idea's as to what this is about.

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you're probably going to get that a LOT using Comodo (i use it myself). pay particular attention to WHERE it's sending the packet. you can always do whois.

i only understand these messages partially; for instance, if you open your email client and click on a hyperlink, the client will launch the browser with a parameter and Comodo will warn you (depending on how you have the alerts configured). in your case, i don't know what's happening and i suggest going to the Comodo forums. this is something i need to research myself because i get a lot of similar warnings. Comodo is really a decent up and coming firewall/malware tool though. i like it a lot.

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