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Edubuntu 6.06


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ok, so i'm pretty new to installing things on linux, but i've followed a lot of instructions for it, but after the './configure' command, when it finishes, and it did successfully, i'm supposed to type 'make' or 'make && make install' but in the command line is says "bash: make: command not found"

what can i do now? in the install directions it says that all you need to do is extract it, mount it, ./configure it, then make, then install.

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What are you trying to compile? I'm pretty sure you need gcc but I don't know what deb packages you need to install. I normally install:

sudo apt-get install build-essential bin86 kernel-package libqt3-headers libqt3-mt-dev wget

This installs all needed tools to compile your own kernel. I would try installing this first:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Type that into Konsole/Terminal.

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well, in a nutshell, i'm trying to install a program called Ardour, which is an audio mixer/recording program, similar to adobe audition. to install it, you need to use SCons, and it also needs a few other programs to work, i got one of the 5 to work, now it keeps telling me that the command 'make' doesn't work.

i've read even some idiots guides to it, and have gotten a little further from stuff i learned in the past...linux would be easiest if it had executeable files, but i guess source has its good points too.

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no fan of double posting, but i found the answer to it, and i want to share it with people, because it wasn't something i thought of.

"> I have the Mesa-3.2.tar.gz. I unpacked it into the /root folder.

"Directory." Aside: generaly, you should build and put stuff

like this under /usr/local, not /root.

> Inevitably I do the "./configure" in the correct folder, and it runs thru a

> bunch of items, answering yes and no (mostly yes) then I type "make" and get

> the reply "bash: make: command not found"


> What's up?

Either "make" isn't in your PATH or it isn't installed.

> Am I missing something in my YDL installation?


rpm -qa | grep make

If you get nothing in response, then "make" isn't installed."

to install "make" you need to hop into your synaptic package manager, and search for it. then you won't have any troubles doing it. when i upgraded from 5.10 to 6.06, make was uninstalled, and i never knew.

thats for any new users [like me] who need a boost :thumbup

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Do it the proper way

open synaptic (system -> administration -> synaptic package manager)

enable universe repositories (categories -> repositories i think)

The interface for managing repositories is ugly in 6.06, but you can figure it.


Search for ardour-gtk package. Install it.

This is how things are installed in Ubuntu.

edit : watch this http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=525...software+ubuntu

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thanks for the help all, i got ardour running, i used the package manager becuase i was having trouble with becoming root...i fixed it all up and ardour works, all i have to do now is learn the interface.

knowing windows best might make this a little hard, but oh well.

for anyone interested in Ardour, to install from the package manager, you will need the following:



-JACK Simple User Interface [can't remember the exact name, thats in the description though]

-KAConnect [something along those lines, search for it and it should come up]

if you miss anything you'll get an error message saying Ardour cannot connect to JACK...also, you can't have any music playing or the sort, it'll interfere with JACK.

i found a solution to the Root user issue:

in a new terminal window type:

sudo passwd root

enter your user password [press enter], then your NEW root password [press enter] then again, then you're done.

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