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[Release] Winamp Pro/Lite 5.33 Final, plz re-download.


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Enhanced version added.

Major bug fixed: Winamp would install all features even if you didn't choose to install any of them under GUI mode. This mess was caused by a stupid typo, sorry for bringing you inconvenience.

Major bug fixed: File association wouldn't be removed or restored if you uninstalled winamp just before launching it after a clean install.

Bug fixed: Some features dependency worked incorrectly in the component page.


"Answer file setting" install type will be added when use /loadcustom under GUI mode.


This installer include all the function as the official one(of couse you need to provide registration info firstly to get the full function). As you see, the installer interface(see the images at the bottom) is the same as official version, but don't consider it to be official, it is a "REPACKED" one, like Alanoll's msi verstion. In fact, the installer behaves mostly the same way as official version, except that it support setup with answer file.

The install sequence is quite simple, it's strongly recommended you uninstall previous installed winamp before continue.

First, use /makecustom switch to generate a setup answer file,

The answer file creation wizard interface is almost the same as normal install, only the title and minor things added or changed and have no install progress, just go through the steps.

Once you go through the setup answer file creation wizard and provide enough setup info, a file named "CUSTOM.INI" will be generated in the same folder along with the installer, which will be used for later winamp setup. This file can be used for providing setup info both under GUI and silent install mode, including component selection, reg info, winamp setting etc.


For traditional installation, double click the installer for GUI mode or use /S switch for silent mode(notice /S must be in upper case).

For installing with your answer file setting, use /loadcustom switch for GUI mode, or use /loadcustom along with /S switch for silent mode, by this way, the installer will automatically load the setting and make the way you want corresponding to the answer file.

The available switches are:

Make new answer file:		/makecustom
Modify existing answer file: /makecustom /loadcustom
Traditional GUI install: just run the installer
Traditional silent install: /S
GUI install with answer file: /loadcustom
Silent install with answer file: /loadcustom /S

In the last two case, if the answer file is not found under current folder, the installer will prompt you to generate one.


File Association:

If you select "Associate with Audio/Video/Audio CDs/Playlist files", only the media you have selected to install in the component page will be associated with winamp.

Add Other Files:

Place any things you want to copy to winamp install directory under '$OUTDIR'.The installer will automatically copy them into winamp install directory during setup. Make sure the directory structure is correct.

Add Custom Skins:

If you want to add your own winamp skin, place it under the folder '$OUTDIR\skins', and select the skin via the skin page in answer file creation wizard.

Add UI Language:

This installer is for English(1033) version only, if you want to add your own winamp UI language, go to official website and download the language file you want, then place it under '$OUTDIR', and select the language via the language page in answer file creation wizard. Only .lng format language file is supported. This way should work, not sure, but at least it worked for me(Simplified Chinese).

About Windows Media Codec:

If you have selected the wma,wmv/asf sections in the component list, and also selected "download codec and system libraries" in the internet connection page, the installer will check your Windows and related media codecs dll version, then automatically download the proper Windows Media Format Sieries and install silently for you if necessary, which function both under GUI and silent install mode .You must have internet connection avaiable on your system and provide proper parameters in the "intenet connection and language settings page" at first. If the connection is a dial-up one, the installler will automatically dial up and connect to intenent. If not, don't worry about this, the installer will ignore it in silent mode or prompt you a message in GUI mode.

About Installation Directory:

If you'd not like to use the absolute install path the installer has created, delete the "InstDir" value from answer file(CUSTOM.INI), this will make the installer install default to program file dir, or previous install dir(if related registry value is found)

Compatibility with offical version:

This installer is compatible with the official version in theory, which means setup info can be shared with each other, winamp can be uninstalled with each own uninstaller, previous installation setting can be shared during each installer is launched, multi-user setting can be loaded via each own installer....... at least in my case all the function worked.(plz tell me if something isn't the case)

It's not recommended to edit the rest entries in answer file manully unless you really know what you are doing, coz it may result in unexpected errors.If you guys have any suggestion or find any bugs , please post back, I will do my best to improve it.

Edit: Since my English's not so good , if you find it difficult to read, sincerely hope someone help to corrent it.. thanks.


5.33 Pro Enhanced

[Download Link]

from gigasize


[File size]


[MD5 hash]

rar package: 846543BEAE2007431B05CA2975D9553C

main installer: 73E9D06763EC76DEA687BF0132A26381

[upload time]

3rd March 2007 - 06:34 AM


Audio - APE/MAC audio files support (Monkey's Audio).

Audio - MPC/MP+/MPP audio files support (Mpc Musepack).

Audio - CUE files support (CUE Player).

Audio - OGG Vorbis Encoder.

Output - LAME MP3 output plug-in (with the ability to create the highest quality mp3 in the world using enc_lame.dll, you should fristly choose to install "MP3 Encoding" feature).

DSP/Effect - Song Tempo/Pitch Controller (PaceMaker)

User Interface Extensions - Skins In Submenu (allows winamp to sort classic and modern skins in the skins context menu) .

User Interface Extensions - Multi-Device Support for Media Library.

User Interface Extensions - Time Restore & Autoplay (allows you to start Winamp playing when it is loaded with the added ability to restore the playing position as well).

User Interface Extensions - Find File On Disk (some function like "Find target" added to the playlist right-clicked menu).

User Interface Extensions - Playlist Undo (allows you to undo the operation on playlist).

User Interface Extensions - Explorer Context Menu (add explorer context menu when u right click a song in the playlist).

User Interface Extensions - Media Library Lite'n (allows winamp to remember the collapsed state of the media library pages between restart).

User Interface Extensions - Lite'n Winamp Preferences (allows for the hiding of some of the pages in preferences which just aren't really needed most of the time).

User Interface Extensions - Tray Tooltip (display the current selected or playing song file name in the system tray).

User Interface Extensions - Playlist File Remover (allowing a rolling playlist or to control the ways in which winamp will remove a file from playlist).

Other - ClearOne and MMD3 skins , which are placed in the $OUTDIR\skins, you could choose them via the answer file creation wizard. see the attached image

Other - New Vista style winamp icon.

Other - New installer icon.

All features as the official pro version.


File associations added by the installer of this version can still be removed or restored using the official uninstaller(including the new audio format), but the actual files for new features need you remove them manually if you use the official one.

[Additional Screenshot]


5.33 Pro

[Download Link]

from gigasize


[File size]


[MD5 hash]

rar package: FB37E8BE0821E8AC93033B456BB5BE12

main installer: DCA26498E27EBAA500C7BBF914954A9D

[upload time]

3rd March 2007 - 06:34 AM


All features as the official pro version.


5.33 Lite

[Download Link]

from gigasize


[File size]


[MD5 hash]

rar package: EA1F7BCDCC46FC152FA5EE7E781D64B8

main installer: 967BB8A1EA980AE4C24A29A346378F62

[upload time]

3rd March 2007 - 06:34 AM


All features as the official lite version.

Edited by Rico.JohnnY
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Glad to hear you like it..

For the absolute path the install wizard generated, just remove the line from the answer file, thus the installer will automatically install into %programfiles% dir..

hope this helps.. If you have any other suggestion, feel free to post..

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