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  1. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    Hi JFX, First, thanks for your hard work! I'm faceing a problem whem i try to install xp or 2k3 x64 with 5eraph's Windows XP x64 post-SP2 Update Pack. I have some error messages with WinNTSetup 3.5.1. File is attached. Can you check it out? Am i doing something wrong? Thanks! setuperr.zip
  2. WinsetupfromUSb and multisource

    I'm using the usb hard disk only to make the 32bit installations work, after that, I will move it to an usb stick. I'm not using it at the moment, because it's too slow for testing. But, thanks anyway
  3. WinsetupfromUSb and multisource

    Sorry, this is the correct txtsetup.sif Starting from scratch again. Mkmigrateinf_c.cmd didn't fix the problem, tried in 2 computers with different hardware. It's a usb hard disk. When it get U: was at home in a nforce 2 machine. Host OS is windows server 2008 x64, do you think it could be the problem? The above list of files, except the dll, are from ie8 sliptreamed by HFSLIP. Thanks for your help! migrate.zip txtsetup.zip
  4. WinsetupfromUSb and multisource

    Hello Ilko_t, The DVD was created in these steps: HFSLIP sliptreams all the windows updates to date. nLite makes some tweaks, remove some components and makes the unattended setup file. After that, DriversPack are integrated. And i finish it using this guide: http://www.msfn.org/board/7-t74862.html. HFSLIP changes a lot of files. I don't know all of them. List of files that setup cannot copy: ie4uinit.mui iedkcs32.mui mshta.mui msrating.mui 6to4svc.dll jscript.mui vbscript.mui The first is always ie4uinit.mu_, not only in XP x86, but let's stick with it only. Files are present in the source. The usb drive get letter D: on textmode, and E: in first logon, only get U: on server 2k3 only one time. TXTSETUP.zip
  5. Hi, First, thank you all for this little, but very useful program. I'm having some problems to make a error free installation of windows (xp, xp64, 2k, 2k3, 2k364). All of them complains about some files that setup cannot copy, but finishes the installation, if i ignore then. In my AIO DVD, all windows installations are working fine. The DVD has 5 windows versions, all of then HFSLIPed, nLited (didn't take out "manual install") and, where possible, DriversPacked. I'm using it as a source for winsetupfromusb. Is this supported? Another question, i can't get WPI run on first logon as the usb drive letter changes. Is there a workaround? Thanks.
  6. xpize 5 Release 4

    Hello, I searched a little, but i didn't find...can i install it silently? Thank u for your great work
  7. Problems integrating Sil 3112 Raid Driver...

    Thanks, i will try and report back.
  8. Problems integrating Sil 3112 Raid Driver...

    Hi Kurt, 1-)Sorry, session.ini is now attached. xp64.ini 2-)Any version of the driver that i use, the results are the same: no HD. 3-)Yes, i am integratint the x64-extended as textmode driver. Thanks
  9. Hi, I tried to integrate Silicon Image 3112 Raid driver in Windows XP x64 and the instalation says that there is no HD. Th F6 method works fine. My board is a DFI LAN PARTY RDX-200 CF-DR The driver files are these: Sil 3112 x64 Raid Driver I can't figure out what's wrong. Any help will be much apreciated. Thanks
  10. Do you plan x64 support?

    Thank you TC. If you need someone for beta testing, i have the xp and server 2k3 x64.
  11. Do you plan x64 support?

    Just wondering...
  12. "browse for folders" doesn't display the folder list

    @kenlau I don't know if the lastest ie7 fix the problem because i can't download it, when i try to download it just let me download a version dated 11/08/2006 (maybe a ISP cache problem).
  13. "browse for folders" doesn't display the folder list

    It works if you install windows xp x64 sp2 then install ie7, only in a clear installation, it doesn't fix your previous install.
  14. "browse for folders" doesn't display the folder list

    I can confirm this bug with nlited versions of windows xp x64 sp2 and windows server 2k3 x64 sp2 with ie7 integrated, but, there is a new version of ie7 released 3/14/2007. When i download this version it doesn't show in the properties the 7.0 as stated in microsoft download page. Maybe this version resolve the problems...
  15. HFSLIP, The 2K/XP/2K3 slipstreamer

    Ok, thanks for your time and work