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[RELEASE] Winamp eLite One-Click Installer


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UPDATE: Winamp eLite has a




Hi folks, here is my costumized Winamp installer. I call it Winamp eLite.

It's pretty straight forward: extract all the files directlyto Program Files, move systemfiles to systemdirs, register everything, create shortcuts, done!

It installs in just One click or with a switch it will be silent. With a second switch the silent install won't even show a progressbar. The installer will work at any time in the Windows Setup stage, so also T13 (like Alanoll's).

It's not like the Alanoll's MSI versions: you won't be able to select what to install or not.

I did make a selection: Winamp Agent, Dashboard, "Now Playing", Predixis MagicMusic, ShoutcastWire, eMusic will not be installed.

Instead, a few plugins (4) will be: Winamp Essentials, Dynamic Library, Time restore/Autoplay, SingleClick'n'Play have been included.

Also 6 design skins (not just a bunch of skins!) have been included.

The screenshots contain all the info you need.


Use the -? or -h switch for details, you'll get the following:


I actually created it for my girl who isn't in the country for a while. So I've put her version (the pink one) and a more decent one online.


[Website]--[Downloadlink]--Direct downloads:

SimplePink Edition -------------------------------------------------------- IceBlue Edition

winampiconredvt0.png -------------------------winampiconbluexp8.png

The SimplePink edition has a pink skin selected. The ClearBlue edition has a black/blue skin selected.

Select the version you like. They are identical, just the selected skin is different!

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In the next version (can't promise I will release a new eLite with every Winamp release, the 5.0x, 5.1x and 5.2x series were most of the time very small updates) I will include Shoutcast Wire since that is necessary for podcasts.. I never watch them but I can imagine people do.

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I've created a website.

I discovered I uploaded the Pink version twice so if you download the blue version you'll also see the pink skin.

I fixed it just now, if you download and install Blue version now the SimplicityClear skin (myy personal favorite) will be selected.

Enable Dynamic Library and Equalizer and it looks beautiful. When Winamp fades, the faded equalizer with Glass effect look sooo cool, very Vistaish.



@MGadAllah, Winamp already plays Flac.. it can even encode/decode flac. Same for Ogg.

You can even encode your FLAC collection to OGG for your MP3player :D (I like that).

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And I am too lazy to make screenies,

upload them to imageshack

or whatever,

edit my html files and

upload them to my webhost :P

But it will be done soon

when I am in a not-so-lazy mood.

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