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Windows Vista Service Tweak Guide


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I can live without WMI, Application Compatibility, Application Management and Program Compatibility Assistant Service. Tom, why did you enabled these? I don't see the point of having the last three set to Automatic.

I made my settings according to ATI control panel, if that one is able to instal and start, then there should be no problem with any other aplication and most apps really need WMI. I guess, that Program Compatibility Assistant Service makes AxCrypt to run smoother, without too many failures, before it failed a few times a day, now only once per a few days. Application Information is needed by UAC and Application Experience by som effects. I wonder, if I should not enable SAM and Windows Event Log, since it scares me, what it says, that by disabling them: "Stopping this service may compromise security and reliability of the system".

EDIT: Thanks for pushing me by asking, I have changed my set up again.

I have now 20 Automatic services and 2 Manual. 22 processes, before 18.

It takes only 240 MB and 200 MB pagefile, before 200 MB and 150 MB pagefile.

I can now setup everything, including internet without restarting to start services.

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What effects need Application Experience? Why not set it to manual and it will surely start if needed. SAM may be needed, set to manual. Event Log is just for viewing the logs, that's it. Protected storage is not quite needed. Network connections is just for viewing those, no need for Automatic. You're losing your tweaking abilities my friend :).


I have:

-DWM for the nice looking Windows;

-HIDA for my Logitech mouse;

-NSIS & DHCP because I am not sure that my internet settings remain the same;

-SL for Control Panel access.

I see no downside in disabling WMI, but...

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Ok, I have 16 automatic and 2 manual services now. Thanks man. :)

But the holiday is comming, can not you give me a break, please. ;)

I do not like services at Manual, only those, which will start & then stop.

I need Network Connections to see and set up my IP assigned by DHCP.

WMI could be disabled, but it is not worthy of all troubles, that would follow.

It is mentioned, that Application Experience is needed by Aero, in the first post of this thread as well, but who knows, I will try to keep it off. I have disabled SAM, because I guess, that it can actually decrease security, since it could allow "bad" services to be started. I have also disabled Event Log and Protected storage, but this little devil will most likely start anyway, I have no idea, why it does that.

For those, who do not understand, why I tweak services. It is not becauce of performance, that is just the second product, the main reason is the security. I have not played any games for 2 years, so I do not care, if the memory footprint is 200 MB or 400 MB. The point is, that if the service is disabled, it can not be exploited (itself, its files still can). Talking about XP, there was at least one vulnerability for almost every service, including DHCP, Network connections and etc. I expect the same with Vista and since the number of my security aplications is zero, I just have to find another way to secure my PC. Any ideas are wellcome.

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I have the x64 version of Windows Vista Business and it's never going under 400MB of used RAM. I don't know how. I have only those services and it should be lower, but whatever...

Application Information is needed by Aero, but why and how come? Aero works just fine without it.

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You know, when I instal Vista, I apply my reg file, restart PC and the RAM usage is still about 400 MB. Then I apply security policies and after restart, it drops to 200 MB. It could not be due to services, there are only about 5 of them and they could not take 200 MB. But I can not imagine, what would have security policies with RAM usage anyway.

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I looked around and I still get the same RAM as before.

I have now 32 auto and 16 manual services and after startup I get about 273 MB usage.

I have found out, that high memory usage may be related to enabled or disabled Superfetch.

I am not sure yet, but there seems to be a connection. I will keep testing with Superfetch ON.

But since Superfetch preloads apps to memory, I would guess, that it causes that RAM usage.

But, I have no startup apps at my Vista, there is nothing to preload, so I can not really test it.

I have also disabled creating lastknowgood, volume shadow copy, hibernation, system restore.

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I went ahead and followed the suggestions posted. Maybe my computer is just that bad, who knows.

I noticed several services on my computer that were still running, which were not mentioned in the guide. Maybe someone can touch on them. First, let me explain what I use my computer for so you may have a better understanding as to what to tell me:

  • Gaming: Halo, Battlefield 2142, soon to be Halo 2
  • Programming: Visual Studio .NET 2005, Java Eclipse and JBorland
  • Setting up my own host on my computer for testing purposes: ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, DHTML, Javascript
  • VMWare: Run XP on it since Oracle 9i won't install on Vista
  • MS Office 2007
  • Internet Browsing

Here's my computer hardware:

After doing the above service turn offs, my CPU usage still bounces at 100% at times. Here's a list of services I still have running:

The following show up as Automatic

Base Filtering Engine

Bluetooth Support Service

Cryptographic Services

DCOM Server Process Launcher

DHCP Client

DNS Client

Group Policy Client

IIS Admin Service

Machine Debug Manager

Multimedia Class Scheduler

Net.Msmq Listener Adapter

Net.Pipe Listener Adapter

Network List Service

Network Store Interface Service

Performance Logs & Alerts

Plug and Play

Print Spooler

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Software Licensing


Task Scheduler

Themes (just 'Themes', not 'Windows Themes')

User Profile Service

Windows Audio

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder

Windows Defender

Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework

Windows Event Log

Windows Firewall

WIndows Management Instrumentation

WLAN Autoconfig


World Wide Web Publishing Service

The following show up as Automatic (delayed start)

Windows Media Center Service Launcher

WIndows Mobile 2003-based device connectivity

WIndows Mobile-based device connectivity

Windows Update

There are quite a few set to Manual but isn't this insignificant?

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  • 3 months later...

I'd be really interested in getting some of the details on what you did.

I'm also doing the same - music editing system and need only the basics.


Leave the services alone people. They're there for a reason.

ive tweaked my other machine (xp) which is only for music making to work with only in 9-10 services... so you say that i should restore them just because they are there for reason? :rolleyes:

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