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Vista Manager v1.0 Released!


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I always like how these things appear before the OS even hits the shelves. Everything this utility can do can already be done in Vista its self. I especially like this part:


Optimize your Internet connection speed, manage all shares items; tweak your Internet Explorer easily."

In particular the 'Optimize your Internet connection speed' part. There is not any adjustment that you can make in Vista that will 'Optimize' the internet connection speed. Its already fully optimized by using the AutoTuning. If this utility's use of the word 'Optimize' means disabling AutoTuning then that is not going to 'Optimize' anything, if anything its going to degrade the connections efficiency. Just how does it 'Optimize' the speed? using what method? adjusting what?

I'm sorry, but i'm always leery of things like this when they begin advertising things that can already be done in the OS it's self or things I know can't truely be done.

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