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Windows "Vienna"


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In my oppionion, vienna is going to pick up were microsoft screwed up in vista. Vista seemed to primarily take a dive and is still going down the drain since its release, most people are sticking with xp. I think vienna is going to be microsofts attempt to "fix" it.

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From what I have read it seems that Windows 7 (Vienna) will have many of features that are featured in Vista like the GUI but all the securtity cr*p like UAC will be removed. Why they just didnt overhaul XP in the first place I don't know they could have just pimped up the GUI and made it DirectX10 compatable (as well as other tweaks) and theres their new OS without upsetting every man and his **** dog!!!

Me personally im not holding my breathe with Windows 7 since MS made such a cock up with Vista but having said that though here's hoping kinda thing :D


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