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[QUESTION] xp or server 2003?


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i have licences for both xp x64 and server 2003 x64 standard, and an athlon 64 computer on its way from newegg...i've done some research and matched the hardware to 64-bit drivers from manufacturers prior to ordering anything, so i'm not too concerned about drivers...all i'm wondering is what apps wont work if i use server 2003 instead of xp...obviously, the ones in 64 bit versions arent too much of a concern (d-tools, for example)...here's a list of what i'm not sure about...

-nero 6 (didnt like what i saw of 7 in the trial, so i wont be buying it)

-alcohol 120% (does a 64 bit version of this exist? or can i just use what i've already got? version i have is 1.9.6 2649)

-cdex 1.70 beta 2

-isobuster 1.9.1

-poweriso 3.2

-dvd decryptor 3.5.4


--for AV, i'll use nod32

--for firewall, i dont care much for the 64 bit ones i've seen...but as i use a hardware spi firewall, it's not as important...i do have a copy of comodo personal firewall..will that work in x64? i know it works in server 2003 x86...if not, i'll just use the windows firewall (shudder)

-hamachi - the support forum says it will work in x64, but it seems some programs/games have issues..

-vmware workstation 5.5.2

i've seen that most programs work just fine in x64, but i do know that all drivers must be 64 bit for the kernel to work with...i'm just not sure if these work in x64, let alone server 2003 x64...

that's all the questions i have for now, thanx for reading :hello:

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Since both kernels are identical (and report as server 2003 to installers), it probably won't matter which you choose. Also, since you have a license for server 2003, I'd say go with that to make sure you can run server apps without connection limits.

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really? the x64 kernel always reports as server? :blink: didnt know that...

Well, the installer could check if it's a server OS or not (and that does return different values), but more often than not they just check the NT version, and it's the same for both (5.2.3790), so it tends to identify 'em as one and the same.

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If you are just running it as a home system, use the XP Pro 64. To play games and such, you will need to make several adjustments to the server version to make it suitable for gaming.

Nero 6 works just fine

alcohol 120% now works fine with 64bit

for Iso stuff, I use UltraISO with no problems.

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