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Disable Swap File


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not sure if u can disable the swap file

but you need a pc with 512 mb of ram to be able to do it for a temp time

due to the fact you dont have any give

= if your memory fills up ,you got a big problem

personal i dont think u can

due to windows use the fileswap dueing the install of the OS and setting up of windows

but im sure you can run a .reg file to disable it .. but than you need to reboot for that work

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you can have windows "virtualize" the swap file into system memory by going to:

system Properties>Advanced>Performance Settings>Advance>*Change* Virtual Memory>*set* "No Paging File".


As long as you have at least 1GB of memory you will probably be ok.

I use this and everything works without problems, and Windows is more responsive.

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