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integrating raid drivers on P5B Deluxe


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Okay, I am a total newbie to slipstreaming, so stay with me.

I have a Windows XP sp2 disk. I am going to slipstream Service Pack 2 and the latest RVM update pack. Where I run into questions is when I want to slipstream the intel raid drivers in.

1. When I go to slipstream the intel raid drivers in, I am given two choices. One, SATA Raid controller drivers, I am guessing yes hear. Two, SATA AHCI controller drivers, this one I am not sure about. Should I incorporate both or just the raid drivers?

2. Once I have incorporated the drivers, must I go into the windows components and remove the SCSI/Raid drivers, or not?

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, here are the two drives I am setting up in to Raid 0.

2 Seagate barracuda's 7200.10, 250gb, 16mb cache, SATA 3.0gb/s.

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What's with all the sevens :)

Merlin7777, I have the same motherboard so if you need any help just ask.

Remove SCSI drivers, integrate AHCI or SATA raid depending on what you enabled in bios. But you know what select them all when prompted in textmode prompt you won't do a mistake, they are all for 32bit Windows if you downloaded that version.

As for second controller, the JRaid...integrate only floppy folder with again all selected.

I select only 965 SATA Raid and in second one RAID.

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